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  • Houses of Life – Jerusalem Post

    For several decades now, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation has been entirely devoted to telling the story of the rescuers. In disputably and rightly so, the Nazi Holocaust is deemed as one of the most tragic chapters in the history of mankind. To be sure, the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis and their collaborators [...]

  • Sir Nicholas Winton – A remarkable living legend

    Despite the breathtaking progress in medicine, the chances a person living to the age of 106 are remote. Particularly so for men. Imagine a 106-year-old man who actually saved the lives of 669 children. Sir Nicholas Winton is such a man. Born on May 19, 1909, Sir Nicholas is responsible for having conceived and organized [...]

  • 70 years: Raoul Wallenberg’s abduction by the Russians on January 17, 1945

    Reflections on the person behind the hero, and his fate – as told by his niece, Louise von Dardel. My uncle Raoul Wallenberg, who rescued tens of thousands of Jews in Hungary, was abducted by the Russians on January 17, 1945, and immediately incarcerated in a KGB jail in Moscow. Probably not a single day [...]

  • ‘Recognizing Armenian genocide is a moral imperative for Jews’

    Knesset speaker maintains discussion does not blame any modern country, but shows Israel identifies with victims of massacre. As Jews, we must recognize the suffering of the Armenian people, even if we do not blame anyone, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said on Tuesday at a plenum discussion of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. “This discussion [...]

  • A saint and a savior

    By BARUCH TENEMBAUM, EDUARDO EURNEKIAN* Quite symbolically, this ceremony took place one day before the commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. On April 27, 2014, the late popes John XXIII and John Paul II were canonized by the incumbent Pope Francis. Quite symbolically, this ceremony took place one day before the commemoration of Holocaust [...]

  • Mind-boggling

    Sir, – Raoul Wallenberg’s niece, Marie Dupuy, raises a strong and valid demand on behalf of her family (“Wallenberg’s family demands access to key documents in his case,” Comment & Features, March 12). The central archives of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) should allow unfettered access to documentation that could shed light into the fate [...]

  • Wallenberg’s family demands access to key documents in his case

    By MARIE DUPUY My late father, Guy von Dardel, was Raoul’s maternal half-brother and fought for over six decades to learn the full circumstances of Raoul’s disappearance. In the 1990s, the former MGB investigator Boris Solovov secretly told a Swedish-Russian commission that the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg had been held as “Prisoner No.7” in Lubyanka [...]

  • Due credit

    Sir, – We read with joy the news of Gino Bartali’s posthumous recognition as Righteous Among the Gentiles (“Italian sports hero posthumously honored as Righteous Gentile,” News, September 24). Bartali epitomized the lofty values of the rescuers and the spirit of solidarity which was so typical of the Italian people. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation [...]

  • Raoul Wallenberg is still missing

    The fact that Wallenberg’s fate is still shrouded in mystery is the direct responsibility of the Russian authorities. Sweden has instituted an official Raoul Wallenberg Day, which will be commemorated every August 27, starting this year. To be sure, this is an important event which does justice, albeit somewhat late, to Wallenberg’s legacy. Moreover, the [...]

  • Freeing Raoul

    Sir, – In “The Knesset and Raoul Wallenberg” (Comment & Opinion, August 4), Max Grunberg provides examples of the bureaucratic hurdles he faces in his attempts to find a proper interlocutor at the Knesset to deal with the Wallenberg case. Last year, we bestowed upon him the Centennial Raoul Wallenberg Medal for his lifelong efforts [...]

  • The Knesset and Raoul Wallenberg

    Why does the Knesset speaker not answer a question about appointing a contact person? For many years now, I have been dealing with different Israeli government representatives in order to request assistance in the search for Raoul Wallenberg. A Swedish diplomat, Wallenberg saved tens of thousands of Jewish persons during the Holocaust in Budapest. He [...]

  • A comforting sense of deja-vu

    BY BARUCH TENEMBAUM* Next June 3, the world will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of a remarkable man: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, better known as Pope John XXIII. Next June 3, the world will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of a remarkable man: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, better known as Pope John XXIII. [...]

  • Hero or victim?

    A ceremony at Tel Aviv University marks the end of hapless savior Raoul Wallenberg’s centennial year. ‘What made Raoul Wallenberg do what he did?” Prof. Dina Porat posed this question to the audience after being awarded a medal earlier this month for her contribution in keeping Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy alive. This year marked a century [...]

  • Kafka-esque

    Sir, – The Tel Aviv Family Court ruling on Franz Kafka’s collection of works is of historical proportions (“TA Court: Kafka’s works must be given to National Library, 90 years after his death,” October 15). As a result of the court’s decision, the public will be allowed to access this cultural treasure, a fact which [...]

  • Words of wisdom

    By JERUSALEM POST READERS Tragic hero Sir, – Your report on evidence that Raoul Wallenberg was alive after the Soviets claimed he died in 1947 (“At Wallenberg’s centennial, his disappearance remains a mystery,” August 13) confirms what numerous sightings and reports have stubbornly maintained – that Wallenberg survived in the Gulag and Soviet psychiatric prisons [...]

  • Rightful reward

    Sir, – A tip of the hat to the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation for offering such a significant reward to find out the fate of one of the greatest heroes of mankind (“Foundation ups award to $500,000 for information on Wallenberg,” August 13). Wallenberg was responsible for saving the lives of tens of thousands of [...]

  • Group offers $500,000 for Wallenberg information

    The Int’l Raoul Wallenberg Foundation ups financial reward for information on man who rescued 1000s of Jews during Holocaust. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation has increased it financial reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg, who rescued thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, and his chauffeur, Vilmos Langfelder. Speaking from Tel Aviv [...]

  • Bring Raoul Wallenberg back home

    By Baruch Tenembaum – Eduardo Eurnekian 100,000 Euros offered to repatriate the Soviet prisoner and his driver. Last week, on May 28, Pastor Annemarie Werner, head of the Berlin offices of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, took the floor at an academic conference held in Moscow called, “Raoul Wallenberg – a Humanitarian of the 20th [...]

  • The real legacy of the victims of the Armenian Genocide

    April 24 marks the Armenian massacre and deportation from the Ottoman Empire. On April 24th, the Armenians in particular and the world at large commemorate the systematic massacre and deportation of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.  The date is somewhat arbitrary, coinciding with an order given on April 24th, 1915, by the Ottoman authorities to [...]

  • Swedish investigation into fate of Wallenberg must continue

    By MAX GRUNBERG, DAVID MATAS, SUSANNE BERGER What happened to the Swedish diplomat that saved thousands of Jews from Nazi persecution? With Russia’s failure to produce conclusive evidence about the fate of Raoul Wallenberg in Soviet captivity, the Swedish government must continue to press for direct access to essential archives and to locate witnesses who [...]

  • Positive memories

    Remembering the tragedies is important. Remembering the rescuers is imperative. By Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruch Tenembaum Yom Hashoah is a sad day of reflection. Our thoughts and innermost feelings reach out to the millions of victims of the Nazi extermination machine. This is natural and understandable. Less so is the fact that we have failed [...]

  • The Holocaust is about today and tomorrow

    Holocaust Remembrance Day is on Warsaw Ghetto uprising anniversary, when poorly armed Jews held off armored Nazi brigade. Holocaust Remembrance Day falls on the anniversary of the heroic Warsaw Ghetto upraising in 1943, when an armored brigade of Nazi SS herding its population to death camps, paid a heavy price in blood for weeks at [...]

  • Anti-Semitism in Sweden and the year of Raoul Wallenberg

    The far-right is day-by-day gaining popularity in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. This year, the Swedish government has decided to commemorate the centenary of diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. No other Swede has had as many buildings, streets and places named after him, and it is not [...]

  • Remembering Raoul

    Sir, – Greer Fay Cashman is right in stating that “the name of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg is inextricably bound with both the fate and the future of Jewish people” (“The centenary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birth,” Grapevine, February 8). Sixty-seven years after his abduction by the Soviets, and on his 100th birthday, Wallenberg still stands [...]

  • Norway’s writing on the wall

    Sir, – It is tragic to note that less than two years ago it was precisely this same Norwegian government and royal family that went ahead with a year-long celebration marking the life and work of one of the country’s best-known Nazis, writer Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Worse still, [...]

  • Wallenberg Foundation to honor nanny from Mumbai attack

    Sandra Samuel, the Indian nanny who risked her own life to save the toddler in her care during a terror attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai, is to be honored for her bravery by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Samuel captured worldwide attention when she rescued two-year-old Moshe Holtzberg during the Nov. 26, 2009 [...]

  • Film about Briton who saved Jewish children premiers

    BY: ASSOCIATED PRESS Sir Nicholas Winton arranged 8 trains to carry 669 children, mostly Jewish, from Czechoslovakia to Britain at the outbreak of World War II. PRAGUE — A film about a Briton who organized mass evacuations of children to save them from being sent to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps had its world [...]

  • The highs and lows in the Raoul Wallenberg mystery

    By Stas Holodnak Sixty-six years after his disappearance, Israel has a moral obligation to find out why the Swedish diplomat was detained and what really happened to him. January 17, 2011 marks 66 years since a historic injustice was done to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, a man designated by Israel as a Righteous among the [...]

  • A shocking tragedy

    Sir, – The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation mourns the untimely and tragic death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and dignitaries who were on their way to pay respect to the Polish victims of the Katyn massacre (”Polish president killed in plane crash along with wife, country’s top leaders,” April 11). Kaczynski was [...]

  • In the righteous spirit

    Sir, – The rescue efforts displayed by Israel in Haiti is a clear example of ahavat chinam (unconditional love). Such a tiny country as Israel has sent to quake-stricken Haiti an impressive contingent of 220 highly trained medical and IDF personnel, setting up a state-of-the-art hospital in less than 24 hours, giving hope to thousands [...]

  • Remembering the heroes

    Sir, – Miep Gies and her husband Jan were heroes (”Woman who hid Anne Frank dies at 100,” Online Edition, January 12). They offered sanctuary to Anne Frank and her family, and by so doing, they risked their lives. Ms. Gies’s passing at the age of 100 is also a painful reminder that another great [...]

  • A tireless friend

    Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (later known as Pope John XXIII) was born 128 years ago, on November 25, 1881. His role as pope is well known, especially his decisive contribution to the establishment of a respectful ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Jews, as set out in the Decretum de Judaeis (”Decree on the Jews”) which was [...]

  • Remembering Raoul

    The Swedish physicist Guy von Dardel was buried last month at age 90 without having realized the great quest of his life: freeing Raoul Wallenberg, his older half-brother who safeguarded some 20,000 Jews from the Nazis before disappearing into Soviet captivity in January 1945. Von Dardel, like myriad private and governmental committees, failed even to [...]

  • Turkey: Between darkness and light

    In the occupied France in the 1940′s, several Turkish Consuls and Ambassadors signed fake nationality certificates to save Jews from deportation. ”Even if Salomon Karel was Jewish, he would not have been subjected to the preferential treatment for the Jewish people in France, at the time when, without any discrimination, French citizens enjoyed an absolute [...]

  • Study: Holocaust survivors share their pasts with their children only indirectly

    According to a sociological study of the children of Holocaust survivors by a lecturer at Haifa University, the majority of survivors’ descendants don’t learn about their parent’s wartime experiences directly, but rather through the silent presence of the past in daily life. The study was carried out by Carol Kidron of Haifa University’s department of [...]

  • ‘Holocaust survivors have moral obligation to tell who rescued them’

    People who were saved from death during the Holocaust have a moral obligation to identify their rescuers, despite the trauma such recollections can cause, the founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation said on Tuesday. The comments comes amid an eleventh-hour effort by the New York-based non-profit organization to identify more heroes at a time [...]

  • So Argentina kicked out Bishop Williamson? Big deal

    Argentina’s expulsion last month of Bishop Richard Williamson because his Holocaust denial ”profoundly insults Argentine society, the Jewish community and all of humanity by denying a historic truth” smacks of a certain cynicism given its long history of denial concerning it own shameful role with regard to the Nazis. For 60 years it conducted a [...]

  • German officer who helped ‘The Pianist’ honored as Righteous Among the Nations

    The German officer made famous in Roman Polanski’s 2002 film The Pianist for sheltering two Jews who escaped from the Nazis during the Holocaust has been posthumously recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial said Monday. Wilm Hosenfeld was drafted into the German Army shortly before the outbreak of World [...]

  • Two sides of the Shoah…

    Sir, – Irwin Cotler offers us a cogent analysis of the Holocaust and the exercise of remembrance (”The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers – it began with words,” January 27), all of it poignantly relevant these days when the president of Iran calls for the destruction of Israel. I would only add [...]

  • Honor overdue

    Sir, – Enrico Mandel-Mantello’s letter ”Unknown hero” (December 19), raised two painful points: why we, the Jewish people, ignore Jewish saviors; and why Col. Jose Arturo Castellanos has not been declared a Righteous Among the Nations. The Salvadorans’ report on their foreign ministry’s Web site proves that Castellanos was a hero. I hope the Wallenberg [...]

  • True heroine

    Sir – Etgar Lefkovits’s ”94-year-old Holocaust survivor reconnects with family that saved her life” (September 19) moved me to tears. Stanislawa Slawinska was a heroine. She stood up against evil. Esfira Maiman should be praised for consistently seeking just recognition of her savior. And the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation played a remarkable role in this [...]

  • 94-year-old Holocaust survivor reconnects with family that saved her life

    Stanislawa Slawinska, the rescuer of businessman Yossi Maiman’s mother, is to be posthumously awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations following the intervention of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, the mother of the prominent Israeli businessman Yossi Maiman, has reconnected with the Polish family who saved her life and that [...]

  • Why won’t Yad Vashem honor Jewish rescuers?

    Many years ago, in my work as head of the Righteous Among the Nations Department at Yad Vashem, I was told by Dr. Josef Michman of a Jewish man named Walter Suskind, who utilizing devious ways was able to rescue hundreds of of Jews while constantly under the watchful eyes of the SS commander of [...]

  • Staunch friend came to call

    Sir, – Gordon Brown’s address to the Knesset showed that the tenant of 10 Downing St. is a staunch friend of the Jewish people. In his speech, Britain’s premier recalled the bravery of Raoul Wallenberg, to whom he dedicated a chapter in his book Courage – Eight Portraits. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is proud [...]

  • Tommy Lapid

    Sir, – With the passing of Yosef (Tommy) Lapid, our foundation loses one of its most distinguished honorary members and spiritual guides. He was rescued by Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews and was abducted by the Soviets, never to be seen again. A sharp-witted and -tongued journalist and politician, he [...]

  • Eternal gratitude

    Sir, – Last Monday, Irena Sendler, one of the greatest rescuers of victims of the Holocaust, passed away. She epitomized the great courage of the thousands of women and men who risked their lives to save the persecuted. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation recently managed to locate the only living relative of another great Polish [...]

  • US Congressman Lantos dies of cancer

    Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress and one of Israel’s staunchest advocates in Washington, died Monday at the age of 80. The death of the widely respected congressman prompted numerous tributes across the American political spectrum and from Jewish organizations and Israeli [...]

  • Tom Lantos is right

    Rep. Tom Lantos is right in criticizing certain UN members, who wish to destroy the State of Israel. The UN should be praised for creating a Holocaust Memorial Day but it should be urged to repudiate those who encourage hatred. Lantos – a long standing member of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation – was saved [...]

  • Lantos & Wallenberg

    Sir, – It is symbolic that Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Burlingame) announced his illness and his stepping-down in the same month that we commemorate the day Raoul Wallenberg – the man who saved Lantos and his wife more than 60 years ago – was taken by the Soviets, never to be seen again (”Lantos to quit [...]

  • El Salvador to seek recognition for diplomat who helped save Jews from Holocaust

    The Salvadoran government said Monday it will seek a posthumous medal for diplomat Jose Arturo Castellanos, who gave citizenship certificates to as many as 40,000 Jews during the Holocaust. The ”Righteous Among the Nations” recognition is awarded by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority in Israel, to non-Jews who helped Jews escape [...]

  • Belgium sorry for Holocaust involvement

    Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt faced frail men in dark fedoras and children in bright skullcaps Tuesday and apologized for Belgian authorities’ involvement in the deportation of Jews to Nazi extermination camps during World War II. ”Only by recognizing the responsibility of the authorities at the time, can we build a future where this will [...]

  • Pope John XXIII lobbied to save Jews

    An Israeli scholar has discovered evidence that a Vatican emissary and future Pope tried to challenge the Catholic Church’s perceived indifference to the Nazi mass murder of Europe’s Jews during World War II. Searching the little-known papers of an Israeli emissary who worked to save Jews during the war, Dina Porat, a professor of Jewish [...]

  • The UN chief who cites Wallenberg as his role model

    On Jan Eliasson’s 21st birthday, Dag Hammarskjold, the Swedish former secretary-general of the UN, died. ”I heard the news on the radio. At that moment I decided that I must work at the United Nations and follow his path in diplomacy. He was one of my idols and heroes,” says Eliasson, now 66, and the [...]

  • Fate of a hero

    Sir, – It’s Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday today and over 60 years since his disappearance. Hasn’t the time finally come for his fate to be revealed? The ongoing ”100,000 Names for 100,000 Lives” campaign has already accumulated over 22,000 signatures in an effort to solve the mystery, and 425 pages of it have been presented to [...]

  • Israel protests Poland’s new coalition

    Israel has expressed its concern to the Polish government over the inclusion of a far-right political party with anti-Semitic ideology in the government coalition, but stopped short of announcing an official boycott of the party’s leader who has been appointed the Polish education minister, the Foreign Ministry announced Friday. Israeli Ambassador to Poland David Peleg [...]

  • Dutch women named ‘Righteous Among Nations’

    Staring certain death straight in the face, the 18-year-old Dutch teen did not flinch. It was 1943 in Nazi-occupied Holland, with the Nazi deportation of Dutch Jews in full swing. In a rural farm in south-central of the country, Hilde van Straten-Duizer stood facing a group of German soldiers who were searching her mother’s home [...]

  • New drive to solve Wallenberg mystery

    Wallenberg was declared a Righteous Gentile in 1963, and is also an honorary citizen of Israel. Rydberg said the Israeli government is also eager to uncover the truth about Wallenberg. Lapid said while no one knows why the Russians held him and killed him in prison, what is known is that he was ”the great [...]

  • The man who wanted to bomb Auschwitz

    The 60th anniversary of a desperate plea Israelis may remember Benjamin Akzin (1904-1985) as a distinguished academic who served as dean of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, president of Haifa University, and recipient of the 1967 Israel Prize. What is less well known about Akzin is that he was the first person [...]

  • Letters to the Editor: Ronald Reagan

    The International Raoul Wallenberg foundation joins the American people in their moment of grief for the loss of President Ronald Reagan. It was Reagan who, in 1981 announced that Wallenberg is given Honorary American Citizenship, an honor reserved for very few, including Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa. In his speech on October 5th 1981, President [...]

  • Argentine school named for Wallenberg

    A new school named after Holocaust rescuer Raoul Wallenberg was inaugurated in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. The school, which aims to promote values such as dialogue and understanding, is the brainchild of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, which is headed by Baruch Tenembaum and seeks to keep alive the Swedish diplomat’s memory. Wallenberg [...]

  • New York ceremony marks Raoul Wallenbergs birthday

    A ceremony was held last week outside UN Headquarters in New York to mark the 91st birthday of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who disappeared after being arrested by Soviet forces in Budapest in 1945. Wallenberg is credited with saving the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, and his fate remains [...]

  • Spanish city to name street after Raoul Wallenberg

    For the first time, a city in Spain has agreed to name a street after Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the German Holocaust. At a meeting held last week, the city council of Monforte voted unanimously to name a street in the town’s old Jewish Quarter [...]

  • Chinese official named Righteous Among the Nations

    Former Chinese consul-general Feng-Shan Ho was awarded the title of ”Righteous Among the Nations” yesterday for his courage in saving ”hundreds and possibly thousands” of Viennese Jews from the death camps. During 1938-1940, Ho issued exit visas to Shanghai ”to all requesting them,” according to a Yad Vashem press release, disregarding not only his official [...]

  • The man who partnered Wallenberg

    A Swedish diplomat who took part in the desperate attempt to save Hungarian Jewry in 1944 is finally being rewarded by the State of Israel today. – Together, Wallenberg and Anger saved as many as 100,000 Jews, a figure unmatched by any other rescuer A Swedish diplomat who took part in the desperate attempt to [...]

  • Sweden: Wallenberg was executed or died in Soviet gulag

    JERUSALEM (July 27) – A joint Swedish-Russian committee investigating the fate of Raoul Wallenberg for the past nine years has concluded that he was either executed by the Soviets, or made to disappear as a prisoner in a Soviet gulag, a Swedish diplomat told The Jerusalem Post yesterday. Stationed in Budapest as a Swedish diplomat [...]