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Reflections of life to escape the Nazi horror

The Nazi attack on the roots of civilization was a defining element of the twentieth century. Hitler was the epicenter of that attack and its main…


Warsaw church named ‘House of Life’ for helping Jews

The Roman Catholic All Saints Church in Warsaw, which provided help to Jews in World War II during the Nazi German occupation of Poland, has been…


The President’s letter at the ceremony proclaiming the Church of All Saints in Warsaw as the House of Life

Organizers and Participants of the ceremony proclaiming the Church of All Saints in Warsaw as the House of Life Your Excellency, Most Reverend…

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Family House, House of Life

In tribute to Fausto Staderini and his wife Bice Gilardoni, Righteous among the Nations, who heroically saved lives of Jews persecuted during World…

Abe Meth, beloved member of Valley Jewish community, dies at 104

A centenarian who still read the Torah at Shabbat services, wrote an opera and helped several generations of youngsters prepare for their b’nai…

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