January 13, 2010

Remembering the heroes


Sir, – Miep Gies and her husband Jan were heroes (”Woman who hid Anne Frank dies at 100,” Online Edition, January 12). They offered sanctuary to Anne Frank and her family, and by so doing, they risked their lives.

Ms. Gies’s passing at the age of 100 is also a painful reminder that another great hero, Raoul Wallenberg, three years her junior, would now be 97 years old.

We must therefore continue our quest to find out the fate and whereabouts of the Swedish diplomat who was abducted by the Soviet forces stationed in Budapest. Next week, on January 17, the world will mark the 65th anniversary of his disappearance.

Ms. Gies will rightly be a hero with a grave. If Wallenberg is no longer with us, he deserves to have a grave; if he is still alive, he should be reunited with his living relatives.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation