January 6, 2008

Lantos & Wallenberg


Sir, – It is symbolic that Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Burlingame) announced his illness and his stepping-down in the same month that we commemorate the day Raoul Wallenberg – the man who saved Lantos and his wife more than 60 years ago – was taken by the Soviets, never to be seen again (”Lantos to quit US Congress,” January 3).

Lantos never forgot the man who saved his life. When elected to Congress in 1981, he was the driving force behind president Reagan awarding Wallenberg honorary US citizenship. Lantos was also the first to sign our ”100,000 Names for 100,000 Lives” campaign to disclose the fate of Wallenberg. We know he will continue his work to preserve the memory and uncover Wallenberg’s fate.

Int’l Raoul Wallenberg