Name: The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of Sweden
Directors Nina Lagergren and Per Anger
Mrs. Lagergren is Raoul Wallenberg’s sister and Ambassador Per Anger was a colleague of Wallenberg in Hungary during World War II.
Birger, 6B, 114 34, Stockholm
Phone: 08-611-2653
Fax: 08-611-8330


Name: Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
The mission of this institute is to promote research, training and academic education in the fields of human rights and humanitarian law.
Information Officer: Göran Melander
Department: Raoul Wallenberg
Address: Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Stora Gråbrödersg. 17 B
P.O. Box 1155
S-221 05 Lund Sweden
Phone: +46 46 222 12 00
Fax: +46 46 222 12 22Website:


Name: Raoul Wallenberg School
Raoul Wallenberg School is a private school organisation (friskola) with students from Years 6-9. Raoul Wallenberg Schools in Sweden will start the first two schools in Bromma, West Stockholm (2006), and in Nacka South Stockholm (2007). There are many other Raoul Wallenberg Schools around the world.
Principal: Simon Dyer
+46 (0)8 7794020


Name: The Raoul Wallenberg memorial monument
Location: Haga Kyrkoplan, Göteborg, Sweden
Artist: Charlotte Gyllenhammar

Description: Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s proposal; The Raoul Wallenberg memorial monument shows a portrait of the young Raoul Wallenberg, on an enamel surface placed on a two meter high white sandstone.One meets the young Raoul Wallenberg, who has not yet met his destiny with its possibilities and tragedies. In front of the photography there is a sculpture of two sleeping boys cased in bronze,who testify the oppression of history. Charlotte Gyllenhammar who has chosen an expression charged with emotions and who has not relinquished to desist from the pathetic and sacred.
The sketch is demanding and has an interesting appeal. The opposite side of the board will be filled with quotations from the survivors and a text about Raoul Wallenberg. Charlotte Gyllenhammar’s design is very human and direct. The work is a commission by the donation fund of Charles Felix Lindberg / The city of Göteborg, Sweden


Name: To Remember — the outstanding deed
”I have gathered stones and gravel from the streets of the safe houses. In various districts in Budapest, I looked for candlesticks. As a homage and remembrance of Raoul Wallenberg’s magnificent deeds, I have found only one possible way: to work authentically. ”
Artist: Lenke Rothman
Location: Swedish Parliament in Stockholm.
Web site: See Remember the Outstanding


Name: Raoul Wallenberg Monument.
Unveiled on 17 January 2000 in Stockholm.
Arquitect: Sar Lars Thurman Zoltan.
Web site:

Signature online

Name: Raoul Wallenberg’s Signature.
Web site

Project Interviews

Name: Raoul Wallenberg Project Interviews.
The names of the interviewees and their close family are given as initials.
The project is carried out by the University of Uppsala, Sweden.
Web site:


Name: The Raoul Wallenberg Stamp.
The Raoul Wallenberg Stamp was issued by the Royal Swedish Postal Service.
Web site:


Name: God ofton, herr Wallenberg
Swedish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.
Director: Kjell Grede


Name: Raoul Wallenberg.
By: Erkki-Sven Tuur.
Writer: Lutz Hubner


Name: Wallenberg Conference Center.
Prof. Tord Claeson, Chairman.
Chalmers University of Technology, Medicinaregatan 20A.
S-41296 Göteborg,Sweden.
Phone: 46 31 772 3303
Fax : 46 31 772 3471
Email address:
Web site:


Name: The Raoul Wallenberg Association.
Dr. Sonja Sonnenfeld
Count Claes Cronstedt
Birger Jarlsgatan 6B
114 34 Stockhom
Phone: 46-8-611-2653 Fax: 46-8-611-8330


Name: Monument to the achievements of Raoul Wallenberg.
Raoul Wallenberg has become a symbol of the constant struggle against persecution. Inaugurated on May 28th 1999.
Location: City park of Lidingö, Raoul Wallenberg’s hometown.
Artist Willy Gordon.
Address: Carl Milles väg 2, 181 34 Lidingö.
Phone: 46 8 446 75 90
Phone 46 8 446 75 94
Web site:


Name: Raoul Wallenberg Monument.
The memorial monument was unveiled on August 25th 2001 by King Carl XVI Gustaf. The ceremony was attended by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his wife, Nane Annan, niece of Wallenberg.
Location: downtown Stockholm.
Artist: Kirsten Ortwed (Danish).
Web site 1
Web site 2


Name: Documents on Raoul Wallenberg.
Documents concerning Raoul Wallenberg made public in accordance with a decision by the Swedish Government.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Mrs. Helena Gustavsson
Press Officer
Phone: 08-405 57 31

Educational Program

Name: Wallenberg fellowship
Intensive course in Jewish studies in the first academic year of the new Paideia Institute. With the support of the Swedish government and the World Jewish Congress, this institute promotes research on World War II-era Swedish history and is dedicated to the renewal of Jewish life in Europe, and to serving as an intellectual and academic base for European cultural renewal.
Paideia – European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden
Chairman: Gabriel Urwitz
Director: Barbara Spectre
PAIDEIA, Box 7427, S-103 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Fax +46-8-679 55 55