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Name: Raoul Wallenberg Productions for kids.
Raoul Wallenberg Productions present an all-action, thrills and spills adventure for children.
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Title: Hero without a Grave.
The Holocaust of the Jewish People was an exceptional event in human history. Although humanity has been witness, on more than one occasion, to acts of murder and genocide, never has it been subjected to something resembling the Jewish Holocaust. A systematic, rational, industrial plan, its objective was to eliminate completely an entire nation…
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Writer: Dr. Yoav Tenembaum.
Member of the Executive Board of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.


Name: Song Raoul Wallenberg.
A striking song about the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews from the concentration camps in the Second World War.
Singer-songwriter: Toni Bunnell (English)
5 Beech Avenue, Holgate, York, YO24 4JJ.
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Baby Naming

The Mooyart Family of London named their little boy Raoul, after a meeting with Wallenberg’s sister, Nina Lagergren.
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Name: Raoul Wallenberg Monument.
Remembers Wallenberg’s courage and bravery. The diplomat saved the lives of as many as 100,000 men, women and children. Inaugurated on February 1997.
Sculptor: Philip Jackson (British).
Location: Opposite the Western Marble Arch Synagogue and near the Swedish Embassy.
West London Synagogue
33 Seymour Place, London W1H 6AT.
Phone: 0171 723 4404
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Name: The Wallenberg Research Centre for the Improvement of Education
Faculty of Education
Location: Shaftesbury Road
Cambridge CB2 2BX
Tel: 01223 367711 or 369631
Fax: 01223 367711 or 324421