Raoul Wallenberg stamp
Postal stamp
Raoul Wallenberg
 Panel acerca de los judíos argentinos en la exposición de Fundación Rothschild sobre el Holocausto 
Aristides de Sousa Mendes, at the time of the Nazi invasion of France, when he was still Portuguese consul to Bordeaux, a job he was destined to lose
Budapest survived fascism and communism and blossomed after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Now the Hungarian capital is experiencing a rebirth in anti-Semitism. This 2007 photo shows members of the far-right group Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard) during an induction ceremony in Heroes' Square in Budapest.
The right-wing populists of the Fidesz Party recently won a two-thirds majority in parliament, while the anti-Semitic Jobbik party captured 16.7 percent of the vote, making it the third-largest party in Hungary.
"I survived two dictatorships. It's possible that the third one is now on its way," the Hungarian writer György Konrad told SPIEGEL.
British actor Robert Pattinson, star of Twilight, is seen on the set of his new film Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary, Tuesday, April 6, 2010. The movie, which is based on Maupassant's novel also tiltled Bel Ami, is a chronicle of a young man's rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city's most influential and wealthy women. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)
Wallenberg musical
 eliahu toker 
Steven Colman
Ambassador Bin-Noun addressing attendees
Ambassador Bin-Noun and Interior Minister Pinter giving the award to Karolina Reszeli
Karolina Reszeli (left) and Minister Pinter addressing attendees.
WPPAC lobby before the show
Zvi Kichel from IRWF with Sydney Monroe, winner in the Middle School cathegory.
Zvi Kichel with Scott Mikita (Raoul Wallenberg).
Proclamation of the State Of New Jersey
 Eli Yosef 
Pastor Annemarie Werner.
Louise Von Dardel, Serge and Beate Klarsfeld and Pastor Annemarie Werner.
Louise Von Dardel.
The prize was presented at the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris, France.
Beate Klarsfeld.
The Klarsfelds.
The Klarsfeld.
The Klarsfelds.
The present public.
The ceremony.
Serge Klarsfeld.
 Viktoria Sarosi 
Viktoria Sarosi
Alain de Toledo.
Alain de Toledo.
Louise Von Dardel.
PHOTO By: AP. Sir Nicholas Winton in Prague.
Logo Asbarez
Laszlo Ladanyi
Eva Rosenthal
Nieves Nasjleti, Berta Borensztein
Nieves Nasjleti, Isidoro Faerman, Berta Borensztein
Moisés Borovich, Paula Ini, Sara Holcman
David Galante, Eva Sebestyen, Alicia Bronstein, Tomas Kertesz, Katy Kertesz
Rabino Simón Moguilevsky
Rabino Simón Moguilevsky, Myriam Kesler
Ingeborg Schön, Isidoro Faerman
Raquel Donato
Las hermanas Liniado. Myrna, Carla y Diana
Laila Sprejer
Lidia Asoratti, Myriam Kesler, Nieves Nasjleti, Sara Holcman
Lucía Laham, Margarita Trovato, Laila Sprejer
Ara Harutyunyan, Eduardo Ernekian
Businessman Eduardo Ernekyan and the NKR PM Ara Harutyunyan sign a memorandum of cooperation, at the Converse Bank.
IRWF postal stamp in honor of Sir Nicholas Winton.
Businessman Eduardo Eurnekian shakes hands with Sor Emerenziana Bolledi.
Matteo Renzi.
Baruch Tenembaum and Shifra Lerer.
Shifra Lerer and Felix Fibich in the Yiddish play "Green Fields". As Yiddish troupes dwindled, Ms. Lerer seemed to be in nearly every show.
Directive Nº 11
Former British prisoner of war, Denis Avey, poses for this undated photograph received in London on March 31, 2011. It took him more than 60 years to break his silence, but in a new book 92-year-old Denis Avey tells the story of how he broke into Auschwitz concentration camp twice to witness for himself the horrors of the Holocaust. REUTERS/David Poole/Hodder & Stoughton/Handout
Julia Gillard, Primer Minister of Australia
Gregorio Hairabedian
Federico Gaitan Hairabedian
Ambassador Vladimir Karmirshalian
Pilar Rahola
Elisabeth and Ernst Joseph in 1947
Elisabeth Joseph with Eva Cassirer in 1995 in Berlin
Remembrance ceremony announcement.
Christiansen being honored by former Israeli Consul General Arye Mekel.
Souza Dantas at the UN in 1946.
Sandra Samuel
Sandra Samuel.
Sandra Samuel.
Sandra Samuel.
Raoul Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg
Petr Necas.
Lina Orfanos Bambinis and Andrea Goulis.
Danny Rainer.
Peretz Hassid and Emilia Capecis.
House of Life plaque for Ereikousa, Greece.
Baruch Tenembaum
Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, Götenborg (Sweden)
Illinois Wallenberg Day 2011
Foto: USHMM/Photo Archives/Wikipedia:Vladen Birstein (file)
Raoul Wallenberg
GETTY images.
Christ Church was an embassy chapel so Rev Grimes had diplomatic status.
Richard Deaton, sitting in his study at home, writes about the many different faces and victims of genocide throughout history. He stresses that all victims deserve to be remembered.
Koenraad Elst
Raoul Wallenberg
Museum peace: the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem
Poster Consul of Bordeaux
New Jersey 2011
2011_West Virginia_proclam
2011 New Jersey Wallenberg Day
2011 New Mexico Wallenberg Day
2011 Utah Wallenberg Day
2011 Maryland Wallenberg Day
2011 Illinois Wallenberg Day
2011 West Virginia Wallenberg Day
2011 Maine Wallenberg Day
2011 Missouri Wallenberg Day
2011 Connecticut Wallenberg Day
2011 Connecticut Wallenberg Day
Prof. Taner Akcam
Armenian Assembly of America
Poster of Legado.
Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France.
Zvonimir Vrancic, Mayor of Zadar; Yosef Amrani, Ambassador of Israel in Croatia; and Renata Peros, Director of the National Museum in Zadar
Marcos Aguinis.
Jewish Community and Rimma Varzhapetyan-Feller.
Children of Community.
The first Aliah from Armenia by direct flight Yerevan-Tel-Aviv.
The Monument Devoted to the Victims of the Holocaust and the Genocide.
The Jewish Cemetery in the village of Yeghegis.
Children of Community.
Abdol-Hossein Sardari was a junior Iranian diplomat in 1940.
Abe Meth
Rescuer Andre-Gustave Disizilian.
Survivor Caroline Elbaz with her children, grand-children and great-grand-children.
 "Wallenberg" Por Peter Malkin 
"Wallenberg" by Peter Malkin
 Presidente Piñera 
El Presidente Piñera encabezó la festividad de Januca en el Palacio de la Moneda
 Eduardo Eurnekian 
Baruch Tenembaum. Keeping the memory of Raoul Wallenberg alive.
 Eli Yossef 
Eli Yossef
 Eli Yossef 
Eli Yossef
 Raanan Rein and Dina Porat 
Raanan Rein and Dina Porat
 Swedish Ambassador, Elinor Hammarskjold 
Swedish Ambassador, Elinor Hammarskjold
 Max Grunberg 
Max Grunberg
Eduardo Eurnekian and Sor Emerenziana.
Raoul Wallenberg Medal.
Silvia Costantini and Jesús Colina.
 A still from the film 'Grandma's Tattoos,' which chronicles the fate of thousands of tattooed Armenian women who survived the Armenian Genocide of the early 20th century/ © Grandma's Tattoos 
 Documentary filmmakers Suzanne Khardalian and Pea Holmquist at work on Grandma's Tattoos/ © Suzanne Khardalian 
Kayla Kaufman (saved by RW), member of the audience, Andrea Cukier (IRWF) and Isaac Zablocki (Director of Film Programs at The JCC in Manhattan)
Raoul Wallenberg
Professor Dina Porat.
Raoul Wallenberg´s stamp by Hungarian Post.
Stamp in Werfel´s honour issued in Israel.
FSB archives
Franz Werfel Stamp.
Egemen Bagis.
Image of the play.
Image of the play.
Image of the play.
Image of the play.
Werfel stamp
The Envoy cover.
Swedish businessman-turned-diplomat Raoul Wallenberg managed to save around 100,000 people in Budapest during the second world war. He was made an honorary citizen of Canada posthumously in 1985, the first person to receive the honour. Wallenberg is seen here circa 1937. (Keystone/Getty)
The Moscow prison where Wallenberg is believed to have spent his last years
Eyal Press
Excerpt of a social diary kept by Mrs. Ullein Reviczky (Lovice Louisa Grace Ullein-Reviczky née Cumberbatch), for September 18, 1943, courtesy of the Antal Ullein-Reviczky Foundation, Magyarnandor-Kelecseny, 2694 Hungary
Letter dated April 8, 1944, from Dr. Antal Ullein-Reviczky to Swedish Foreign Minister Christian Günther, published in 'Le Journal d'Orient', March 5, 1946. The letter is also cited in Dr. Ullein-Reviczky's memoir, "Guerre allemande - paix russe" (1947), soon to be released in English, as "German War-Russian Peace"; courtesy of the Antal Ullein-Reviczky Foundation, Magyarnandor-Kelecseny, 2694 Hungary
Hungarian Minister Dr. Antal Ullein-Reviczky, shown here at a banquet in Stockholm's Grand Hotel, March 15, 1944, courtesy of the Antal Ullein-Reviczky Foundation, Magyarnandor-Kelecseny, 2694 Hungary
Heinrich (Heinz) von Wahl; courtesy of Peter Zwack, Hungary
Antal Ullein-Reviczky and spouse, Lovice Louisa Grace née Cumberbatch. Hungarian Legation, Stockholm, September 30 1943 (Before Royal audience; courtesy of the Antal Ullein-Reviczky Foundation, Magyarnandor-Kelecseny, 2694 Hungary
Courtesy of Dr. Guy von Dardel, Private Archive
Reply sent by the U.S. Minister to Stockholm, Herschel V. Johnson, to an appeal authored on behalf of Hungary's Jewish population by Dr. Antal Ullein-Reviczky on April 8, 1944;courtesy of the Antal Ullein-Reviczky Foundation, Magyarnandor-Kelecseny, 2694 Hungary
Eva Vavrecka contemplating the horrific living conditions that her mother and grandparents endured in the forest to survive World War II. (Bruce Konviser)
Historian and film director, Christian Delage, Curator of Filming the Camps.
IRWF Program Coordinator, A. Cukier, with Mr. Delage, Curator of Filming the Camps.
Tobias Schwarz
Channel 10
Dr. Ricardo Lorenzetti & Eduardo Eurnekian
Monument by Karl Duldig at garden site in Melbourne
Plaque telling the reason for the monument to Wallenberg
Karl Duldig became one of Australia's most cherished sculptors. This was his last work.
PHOTO by: Courtesy
PHOTO by: Reuters
Eduardo Eurnekian with the "Business for Peace Award".
L to R: Nicholas Tozer, Oscar Vicente, János Martonyi, Pál Varga Koritár, Robert Urban and Tomas Kertesz.
Hungary Foreign Minister, János Martonyi.
Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson addresses a UN-organized event held to mark the centenary of the birth of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Photo: Melanie Einzig
Hungarian Ambassador Anna Siko, Mark Dreyfus and Ron Forrester, son of Holocaust survivor Ervin Forrester.
Raoul Wallenberg.
The survivors of the Holocaust in Kinderblock66.
Kinderblock 66 survivors.
Pope Pius XII
Wallenberg was arrested by Soviet forces on January 17, 1945, along with Langfelder.
Monument to the honour of the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of lives during the Holocaust in Hungary.
Raoul Wallenberg´s Centennial poster.
Raoul Wallenberg.
The Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, West London
Floral tributes
Brian Mooyaart and Raoul Mooyaart with Jill Blonsky
General congregation
BBC. Raoul Wallenberg´s half sister and great-niece are still searching for answers.
BBC. Raoul Wallenberg was 32 at the time of his arrest.
BBC. The document obtained by Ingrid Carlberg- it records no details of his crime.
BBC. Raoul Wallenberg, aged 12, pictured in the family album.
Panoramic view of the City of Bat Yam.
Bat Yam Deputy Mayor, in charge of the Education Portfolio, Ms. Ester Peron
Bat Yam Mayor - Mr. Shlomo Lachiani
Raoul Wallenberg vanished after being held by the Soviets in 1945
Brian Mooyaart and Raoul Mooyaart with Jill Blonsky.
Congregation reading psalms
Floral tributes
General congregation
H.E. Ms Nicola Clase, Swedish Ambassador
IRWF sheaf
Rev. Persson meeting Rabbi Rosenfeld. Lord Mayor in foreground wearing chain of office
The Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Angela Harvey
The Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, West London
Baruch Tenembaum, Ban Ki-moon and Eduardo Eurnekian
"Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal"
PHOTO: Reuters. The U.S. Postal Service issued April 24 a stamp commemoration World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg. The stamp was unveiled at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in honor of the Swedish diplomat who helped save tens of thousands of Jews from Nazi death camps, primarily by issuing safe passes and creating safe houses.
L to R: Baruch Tenembaum, Ban Ki-moon and Eduardo Eurnekian
Courtesy of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - Horace Heafne and The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation From left: Raoul Wallenberg at a Young age; at age 32 with an aged-processed photo in the smaller box; and an FBI sketch of how Wallenberg may have looked in the 1980s.
RW. Photo: Eva Taylor
Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg (Z"L) whose heroic deeds will be celebrated on Sept. 19, the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Raoul Wallenberg Monument in Stockholm.
Bust of Raoul Wallenberg in La Plata.
A bust of Raoul Wallenberg was installed in Argentina’s main international airport.
Discovering the name of the Materne, recorded on the Memorial Wall of Honor of the fair of Belgium, in the garden of the righteous from Yad Vashem.
Discovering the name of the Materne, recorded on the Memorial Wall of Honor of the fair of Belgium, in the garden of the righteous from Yad Vashem.
Spanish Ambassador, Ambassador of Belgium, Zenon - Zalman and Daniel Materne (behind Daniel Patricia Materne).
Zenon (Zalman) with Patricia and Daniel Materne (children of Juanito) with diploma and medal fair of the Nations, and their respective families, to the wall where this engraving the name of the Materne.
A bust of Raoul Wallenberg was installed in Argentina’s main international airport.
Here, Dr. Marty Friedlich stands proudly with his daughter Jaclyn, 17, who spoke eloquently at the ceremony about her family that was saved by Wallenberg. Photograph by: Julie Oliver , Ottawa Citizen
“Instead of fighting against the Nazis or against anti-Semitism, he was fighting for justice, liberty, life and dignity,” Louise von Dardel, the niece of Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg, says during her first ever visit to Canada after her uncle was made an honorary citizen of Montreal and Canada. Photograph by: Dave Sidaway, The Gazette
Aleksander Gudzowaty
Lugano Concert for Wallenberg Flyer.
Eli Yossef teaching about Raoul Wallenberg.
Eli Yossef teaching about Raoul Wallenberg.
Eli Yossef teaches about Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
Eli Yossef teaches about Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
Eli Yossef teaches about Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
Eli Yossef teaches about Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
Eli Yossef teaches about Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
The audiencies were captivated by Raoul Wallenberg´s story.
Ambassador of Sweden Elinor Hammarskjöld, Jacky Pri-Gal, Max Grunberg, Prof. Dina Porat, Danny Rainer and Prof. Haim Avni.
Martina Quick (Embassy of Sweden), the Ambassador of Sweden Elinor Hammarskjöld, Baruch Tenembaum and Danny Rainer.
Ambassador of Sweden Elinor Hammarskjöld and Baruch Tenembaum.
Danny Rainer and Prof Haim Avni.
A bust of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was installed in the main international airport of Ezeiza, Argentina.
Raoul Wallenberg: Taken by Soviets in 1945 and never seen again.
Centennial Medal awarded to Jean Marie Fox.
Eduardo Eurnekian, Jean Marie Fox accompanied by his grandaughter and great-granddaughter, and Baruch Tenembaum.
Governor Bernard Caprasse.
Students of Raoul Wallenberg School in Ecuador.
Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian accompanied by Mr. Jean-Marie Fox, his granddaughter and greatgranddaughter.
Bust of Raoul Wallenberg. Ezeiza International Airport. Buenos Aires
Mayor, Shlomi Lachiany
Ester Peron and Danny Rainer
Eli Yossef, Danny Rainer and awardees
The students
Photo by: Reuters
Tolerance Monument. Photo: Avishai Teicher/wikicommons
Raoul Wallenberg
Vancouver Raoul Wallenberg Day
Raanan Rein, Elinor Hammarksjold, Dina Porat
Dina Porat, Danny Rainer, Gunterh Jikeli, Natalie Davidson, Elinor Hammarksjold
Canada´s Raoul Wallenberg stamp.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.
For 20 years, Vitaly Malkin has eyed Canada, applying to live here and seek citizenship, investing millions in Toronto real estate.
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, centre right, shakes hands with Vitaly Malkin, former head of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank, at a meeting with Russia's most powerful businessmen in the Kremlin in Moscow, in this June 2, 1998 photo.
In this Dec. 12, 2008 file photo, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez, left, shakes hands with Buenos Aires' archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Lujan, Argentina. Bergoglio, who chose the name of Francis, was chosen as the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013. Pope Francis has honed his leadership skills in one of the most difficult classrooms on the planet: Argentina, where politics has long been a blood sport practiced only by the brave. (AP Photo/DyN, File) Ezequiel Pontoriero / AP
President Gasparovic, Baruch Tenembaum and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Raoul Wallenberg.
Raoul Wallenberg by Peter Malkin.
Raoul Wallenberg plaque in Montevideo.
International Roncalli Conference.
Painting of Pope John XXIII Photo: REUTERS
The Metropolitan Cathedral houses a Holocaust memorial mural. (photo credit CCBY David BerkowitzFlickr)
Monsignor Loris Capovilla.
Monsignor Loris Capovilla.
Baruch Tenembaum
Pope Roncalli.
Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull at the award ceremony on Monday. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
An undated black and white photo showing World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg, who is credited with rescuing tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis. He disappeared after being arrested by the Soviet Red Army in 1945. Picture: AP /Scanpix Sweden, File Source: AP
Op Ed
Boris Giterman, Mayor of Ashdod.
Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, right, and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew unveil the Raoul Wallenberg Congressional Gold Medal at the Treasury Department in Washington, May 9, 2013. Photo by Reuters
Bust installed at the airport in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Bust installed at the airport in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Pope Roncalli.
Portrait of Pope John XXIII (image: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)
Eduardo Eurnekian is the chairman of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.
Baruch Tenembaum is the foundation’s founder.
Sir Nicholas Winton, nowadays.
Eduardo Eurnekian, Samuel Pisar and Baruch Tenembaum.
Louise Von Dardel.
Panoramic view of the meeting.
 Gordon Brown receives the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal. Left to right: Her Excellency Nicola Clase, Gordon Brown, Eduardo Eurnekian, and founder of the IRWF, Baruch Tenembaum. © OGSB 2013 
Gordon Brown receives the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal. Left to right: Her Excellency Nicola Clase, Gordon Brown, Eduardo Eurnekian, and founder of the IRWF, Baruch Tenembaum. © OGSB 2013
Front of de Centennial Raoul Wallenberg Medal
Back of the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal (2013)
Eduardo Eurnekian, Mons. Loris Capovilla and Baruch Tenembaum.
Mons. Capovilla and Baruch Tenembaum.
Mons. Loris Capovilla.
Eduardo Eurnekian.
Eurnekian listens to Capovilla.
Danny Rainer, Mons Capovilla and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Mons Capovilla and Baruch Tenembaum.
The Medal.
Mons. Loris Capovilla, Baruj Tenembaum and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Sir Nicholas Winton
Nicholas Winton and Baruch Tenembaum
Nicholas Winton and Eduardo Eurnekian
Nicolas Winton
Gordon Brown.
Gordon Brown y Eduardo Eurnekian
Brown - Eurnekian - Tenembaum
Baruch Tenembaum - Gordon Brown.
Baruch Tenembaum-Gordon Brown- Eduardo Eurnekian
Baruch Tenembaum, Sir Nicholas Winton y Eduardo Eurnekian.
Sir Nicholas Winton y Gordon Brown.
Sir Nicholas Winton y Eduardo Eurnekian.
Baruj Tenembaum y Nicholas Winton.
Baruj Tenembaum y Nicholas Winton.
Baruch Tenembaum y Nicholas Winton.
Nicholas Winton y Gordon Brown.
Sir Nicholas Winton y Baruj Tenembaum
SWEDISH FOREIGN Minister Carl Bildt speaks at the start of Wallenberg Year in Budapest in 2012. Photo: REUTERS
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian
Eduardo Eurnekian placed a wreath at the monument to Raoul Wallenberg in Buenos Aires.
R aoul Wallenberg bust in Ezeiza Airport.
An unveiling of a commemorative Raoul Wallenberg Congressional Gold Medal. Photo: REUTERS
Baruch Tenembaum, Ban Ki Moon and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Governor Antonio Bonfatti and Baruch Tenembaum.
Signature of the agreement.
Serzh Sargsyan and BaruchTenembaum.
Baruch Tenembaum and Serzh Sargsyan.
Dr. Kachatryan (right), Josef Kogan (middle).
Seated on the right, Dr. Harutyun Khachatryan, Josef Kogan and their military friends. Family archive, Yerevan 1983
Gino Bartali.
Raoul Wallenberg Day in Milwaukee.
Raoul Wallenberg Day in Vermont.
In 1943, Denmark helped over 7,000 of its Jewish citizens escape to Sweden (Photo: Scanpix)
Baruch Tenembaum founder of the IRWF - Eduardo Eurnekian chairman of the IRWF.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Baruch Tenembaum
Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Baruch Tenembaum. Photocredit: Jacob Ehrbahn/Politiken.
Baruch Tenembaum and Jens Ege. Photocredit: Jacob Ehrbahn/Politiken.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Photocredit: Jacob Ehrbahn/Politiken.
Proclamation of the State Of Maryland
Proclamation from The State of Florida.
Barbara Mooyaart-Doubleday.
Danny Rainer and Barbara Mooyaart-Doubleday.
Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs.
Ronald Leopold, Katherine Mooyaart, Marie Dupuy and Ruben Vis.
Brian Mooyaart.
Proclamation City of Providence, Rhode Island.
Israel Ambassador, Ephraim Modi, the Mayor of the District , Salvador Heresi, and Rabbi Abraham Ben Hamu.
Gustavo Jalife shows portrait of Raoul Wallenberg made ​​for theIRWF by artist Peter Malkin, who also captured the Nazi Official Adolf Eichmmann in Argentina.
The Ambassador of Israel, Modi Ephraim and Mayor of the district Salvador Heresi.
Matt Bogart, Sierra Boggess & Dick Latessa.
Wallenberg plaque.
President Karolos Papoulias.
Eduardo Eurnekian, Presidente Karolos Papoulias and Baruch Tenembaum.
The Hero of Budapest´s cover.
Eduardo Eurnekian- Karolos Papoulias- Baruch Tenembaum.
Eduardo Eurnekian- Karolos Papoulias- Baruch Tenembaum.
Papoulias and Eurnekian.
Eduardo Eurnkeian, Karolos Papoulias and Baruj Tenembaum
Robert Morgenthau and Eduardo Eurnekian with Peter Malkin's portrait of Wallenberg.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Robert Morgenthau
Konstantin Yermakov- third-place.
Omri Danino-first place.
Sapir Gal-honorable-mention.
Shir Pakman-second place.
Raoul Wallenberg. Pressens Bild / AP
Raoul Wallenberg
Adolph Eichmann
Wallenberg’s Schutz-Pass that saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews
Jewish women in Budapest, October 1944
Gilberto Bosques (picture by peliculasdelholocausto)
Passport photograph of Raoul Wallenberg, 1944.
Photo: ru.wikipedia.org. Swedish diplomat and WWII hero Raoul Wallenberg.
Haroutyoun Khachatryan.
Raoul Wallenberg promo (photo credit: Courtesy/Embassy of Sweden in Israel)
Baruch Tenembaum.
Flyer The Consul of Bordeaux.
José Manuel Barroso and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Louise Von Dardel attended the ceremony.
Baruch Tenembaum, José Manuel Barroso and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Rabbi Bergman reciting the Kaddish
Rabbi Sergio Bergman, R. P. Gianetti Fernando, Archbishop Mario Poli, Baruch Tenenbaum and Mark Aguinis
(Center) Natalio Wengrower
Raoul Wallenberg. Photo: REUTERS
Getty Images: Meeting Raoul: Wallenberg’s heroism was influenced by the 1941 film ‘Pimpernel Smith,’ which starred Leslie Howard.
Cardinal Capovilla´s letter to the Knesset.
Pope Francis. Photo: Knesset Speaker´s Office
Angelo Roncalli, Pope John XXIII.
Alexis Bulgari.
MONUMENT commemorating the Armenian genocide Photo: Reuters
Sir Winton (photo credit: CC-BY-SA Hynek Moravec, Wikimedia Commons)
Sir Nicholas Winton with Eduardo Eurnekian, June 2013 (Photo courtesy Eduardo Eurnekian)
Sir Nicholas Winton with some of the people, then children, whom he saved from the Nazis in 1939. Photograph: Dana PsenicovaDana Psenicova
Sir Nicholas Winton with Lord Alfred Dubs, who escaped on the Kindertransport and his daughter, Barbara Winton who has written a book about him. Photograph: Dana Psenicova
Sir Nicholas Winton with ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr Michael Zantovsky. Winton will be awarded the Order of the White Lion, the highest state decoration in the Czech Republic. Photograph: Dana Psenicova
Front of the synagogue.
Starting the reconstruction.
Eli Yosef congratules the winner.
Sacrifice: song composed and performed by Ilay Hazan Harnof.
Eduardo Eurnekian.
Senator Isakson and Nina Lagergren view Gold Medal legislation.
Artifacts in the synagogue during POTUS visit.
Raoul Wallenberg.
Nina Lagergren receives the Medal.
Nina Lagergren.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Gregory Meeks.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Marie Dupuy.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Nina Lagergren.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Ted Cruz.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Carl Bildt.
Baruj Tenembaum, Irwin Cotler and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Baruj Tenembaum, Eduardo Eurnekian and Nina Lagergren.
Wallenberg’s half-sister, Nina Lagergren, accepts the Congressional Gold Medal on her brother’s behalf. Lagergren spoke about her brother’s heroism and how we should use what he did as an example for how we should treat others. SHFWire photo by Erin Bell
Taner Akcam
"Guardian of the Legacy of the Saviors" art piece.
Ben Olander.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Nina Lagergren.
Eduardo Eurnekian and Nina Lagergren
Horacio Malvicino
Eduardo Eurnekian.
Ellen Loebel-Thorn-Roshin.
Monument of Raoul Wallenberg in Buenos Aires.
Elena Castelli.
Isaac Revah and ambassador Fernando Carderera.
State of Arizona.
State of Delaware.
State of Maine.
State of Pennsylvania
State of Tennessee.
State of Connecticut 2014.
State of Delaware.
State of Illinois 2014.
State of Maryland 2014.
State of Missouri 2014.
State of New Jersey 2014.
State of Tennessee 2014.
State of Utah 2014.
State of Massachusetts 2014.
State of New Hampshire.
Borough of Tenafly
State of Alaska.
“With the same hands”. Portrait of Wallenberg by Peter Malkin, the man who nabbed Adolf Eichmann
Czech Kindertransport hero: Sir Nicholas was knighted in 2002
Saviour: Sir Nicholas with one of the children he rescued.
H. E. Annika Jagander, Ambassador of Sweden to the Czech Republic, and Vaclav Novotny, Deputy Mayor of Prague, unveiling a street named after Raoul Wallenberg in Prague. Swedish Embassy in Prague, Martina Storek.
Mordechai Paldiel and Irwin Cotler. PHOTO CREDIT: ADAM SCOTTI
Irwin Cotler receiving Wallenberg Medal. Courtesy photo: Adam Scotti
Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler thanks the Wallenberg Foundation for honouring him, as a cross-partisan crowd, including Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, showed a rare level of respect.
Danny Rainer and Vicente Giner.
Diploma of the IRWF to the Giner couple.
Stamp issued by the Post of Israel in honour of Miguel Giner.
Yoav Tenenbaum, Marta García Quinto, Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo, Danny Rainer, Vicente Giner and Viviane Epstein.
Unvelinig of the plaque.
Silvia Costantini and Mauro Jöhri, General Minister of the Capuccini.
Jesús Colina, Silvia Costantini and Mauro Jöhri, General Minister of the Capuccini.
Portrait of Father Benoit.
Cover of the book.
Plaque for the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.
House of Life in Florence.
"House of Life". This is the recognition that can be read on a memorial plaque installed a few days ago in the convent of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in the Plaza del Carmen in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
House of Life in Florence.
Annemarie Werner and Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman. PHOTO: Mark Caldwell
Annnemarie Werner receives the award. PHOTO: Mark Caldwell
Danny Rainer, Vice president of the Raoul Wallenberg. PHOTO: Mark Caldwell
Rabbi Ernst Stein and Danny Rainer. PHOTO: Mark Caldwell
Danny Rainer, Embajador Hadass, Rabino Stein and Pastora Annemarie Werner. PHOTO: Mark Caldwell
Baruch Tenembaum, Ban Ki-moon and Eduardo Eurnekian
Danny Rainer
Erkki-Sven Tüür
Raoul Wallenberg
A woman touches the memorial stone of late Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg in St Istvan park of Budapest on August 1, 2012. — AFP pic
Louise von Dardel. (photo credit: Bo Persson)
Photo: MTI/Tamás Kovács
© Antoine Mekary / Aleteia
© Antoine Mekary / Aleteia
© Antoine Mekary / Aleteia
Alexis Bulgari and Swedish Ambassador Gufran Al-Nadaf.
Marcos Aguinis, Tomas Kertesz and Swedish Ambassador Gufran Al-Nadaf.
Villa Mondragone.
Bishop of the Diocese, Monsignor Raffaello Martinelli.
Marco Graziano Sonnino and Pavoncelli (back), saved in Mondragon, Giuseppe Novelli, and Silvia Costantini.
Giuseppe Novelli, rector of the University of Tor Vergata and Riccardo Pacifici, Chairman of Rome's Jewish Comunity.
The three saved (from left to right Marta Ravenna, accompanied by a religious, Roberto Calderoli, and Pina Donzelli) with Silvia Costantini. In the center, saving, Sister Emerenziana. © Sabrina Fusco
Sor Emerenziana meets again with the then saved girl, Pina Donzelli. © Sabrina Fusco
Sor Emerenziana. © Sabrina Fusco
Left to right: Pina Donzelli, Marta Ravenna, and Roberto Calderoli. © Sabrina Fusco
Beatrice Rohner
Nicholas Winton and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Rabbi Joy Levitt, Executive Director of the JCC.
Dr. Mordecai Paldiel and Mr. Zvi Kichel handed over the medal to President Nishani.
Nishani thanked for the award.
President of Albania, H.E. Bujar Nishani
Ambassador Ben-Matityau, President Aquino and Zenaida Quezon Avancena
Zenaida Quezon Avancena
President Aquino holds a tribute diploma.
Baruch Tenembaum, Dario Nardella and Eduardo Eurnekian
Jesús Colina and Silvia Constantini.
Sir Nicholas Winton.
Baruch Tenembaum, Sir Nicholas Winton and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Jewish refugees are ferried out of Denmark aboard Danish fishing boats bound for Sweden.
QUEZON DAY: President Aquino looks on as Israeli Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau turns over the Raoul Wallenberg Medal to Zenaida Quezon Avanceña during the com- memoration of the 137th birth anniversary of her father President Manuel L. Quezon at the Quezon Memorial Shrine yesterday. Also in photo are (from left) QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. During the Commonwealth, Quezon had allowed about 1,200 Jews fleeing Nazi perse- cution in Europe to settle in the Philippines. BOY SANTOS
President Manuel Quezon of the Philippines, November 1942. (Public domain-Farm Security Administration, Office of War Information, Photograph Collection, Library of Congress-Wikimedia)
The stamp.
NEWLY ARRIVING Jewish refugees from Europe wave from the ship ‘S.S. Awarea’ as it pulls into Haifa port in 1948. (photo credit:REUTERS)
Baruch Tenembaum, Robert P. Morgenthau, Taner Akcam and Eduardo Eurnekian.
Eduardo Eurnekian, President Sargsyan, Robert Morgenthau and Baruch Tenembaum.
Sarah Morgenthau and President Sargsyan.
NEWLY ARRIVING Jewish refugees from Europe wave from the ship ‘S.S. Awarea’ as it pulls into Haifa port in 1948. (photo credit:REUTERS)
Supporters of the ruling AK Party wave Turkish national and party flags at an election rally for Turkey's June 7 parliamentary election, in Antalya, Turkey, June 6, 2015. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Alexis Bulgari.
Rev. Asa Kent Jennings
18 November 2013: Eduardo Eurnekian, President Papoulias and Baruch Tenembaum.
Ottawa, 28 October 2014. Parliament of Canada. Irwin Cotler, receives from Mordechai Paldiel the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Medal.
House of Life plaque in Ereikousa. (IRWF)
President Obama contemplating the Memorial Mural
Cardinal Quarracino's letter to the IRWF Founder
Boris Johnson
Ruben Vardanyan.
Franz Werfel Commemorative Postal stamp.
Plaque in Notre-Dame Institute of Sion. Paris.
Aznavour meets the IRWF.
Silvia Costantini (FIRW) unveils "House of life" plaque.
Eugenio Giani, president of Toscana.
Sir Nicholas Winton.
Barbara Winton.
Passengers of the kindertransport: Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines (UK); Alice Masters (USA); Ruth Halova (Czech Republic); Hugo Marom (Israel).
Fiona MacDonald and Melinda Hughes performing "Evening Prayer".
"Ode to Joy", Beethoven's Symphony No 9 in D Minor.
Piero Piperno.
Steve Kerr.
Padre Ezio Marcelli, Miriam and Gianna Moscati.
Claudio Procaccia.
Gabriele Sonnino and Luciana Tedesco, two of the Jews rescued by the Fatebenefratelli hospital, in front of the new commemorative plaque marking the Fatebenefratelli hospital as House of Life. Franco Ilardo.
Adriano Ossicini.
Giovanni Borromeo.
The Coliseum forms the background as a contingent of German Hitler Youth, carrying a Nazi banner, march through ancient Rome in Sept. 28 1936.
The Fatebenefratelli hospital, in the Tiber Island, Rome. Franco Ilardo
Elie Wiesel, Cardinal Antonio Quarracino and Baruch Tenembaum.
Syeda Ghulam Fatima.
Syeda with Ruben Vardanyan.
Raoul Wallenberg statue, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Annette Pascar and Israel Imar.
Ezeiza International Airport.
Sulim Granovsky, Roberto Malkassian and Tomas Kertesz.
Tomas Kertesz and Diana Liniado.
Vera Serova, the only grandchild of General Ivan A. Serov, worked with the Russian Military-Historical Society to create an exhibit about him linked to the publication of his diaries. They were found in suitcases hidden in a wall. Credit James Hill for The New York Times
On display in the Serov exhibit were family items such as chess sets and a lacquer box with a family portrait. Credit James Hill for The New York Times
Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and World War II hero who disappeared in 1945. Credit Pressens Bild/Associated Press
Serov’s identity cards, also on display. The memoir material sheds new light on the long-unsolved Wallenberg case. Credit James Hill for The New York Times
An undated black and white file photo showing World War II hero, Sweden's envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary, Raoul Wallenberg. Credit: AP
Raoul Wallenberg, right, with Jews in the Swedish Embassy in Budapest, exact date uncertain (photo credit: courtesy Yad Vashem)
Sweden’s envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary Raoul Wallenberg. (photo credit: AP/Scanpix Sweden, File)
A memorial to Raoul Wallenberg in Tel Aviv. (photo credit: CC BY-SA Dardasavta, Wikimedia Commons)
Statue remembering Raoul Wallenberg, who rescued Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust. (photo credit CCBY pandrcutts/ Flickr)
Letter received June, 2006 from then Deputy Chief of Mission of the Russian Federation in Washington DC, Mr. Alexander Darchiev
Letter received June, 2006 from then Deputy Chief of Mission of the Russian Federation in Washington DC, Mr. Alexander Darchiev
Letter received June, 2006 from then Deputy Chief of Mission of the Russian Federation in Washington DC, Mr. Alexander Darchiev
Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg.
Julie Bishop.
Ilustrated by: Vior for Clarín.
Click on the image and get free the ebook “Armenian Genocide. The silenced extermination”
Cover of the book.
Proclamation of Arizona 2016.
Proclamation of Raoul Wallenberg Day 2016 in Mississipi.
2016. Proclamation of Raoul Wallenberg Day in Vermont.
Nostra Signora di Zion-
Nostra Signora di Zion-
Nostra Signora di Zion-
The Rescuer. Katina Perakis.
Pre-War photo: Left to Right: Father Salomon, daughter Esther, Mother Rebecca (holding 1.5 year old Moise), Isaac Medini, daughters Stamo, Rita and Kelly.
Moise and Esther, after the War.
Moise and Esther. Miami, 2015
Cem Özdemir.
The choir.
Former Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior and Silvia Costantini.
Left to right. Janne Elsborg, Chief Executive Officer of the Bispebjerg Hospital; Sophie Haestorp Andersen, Chairman of the Regional Council; Silvia Costantini.
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
Alain Villain – Oratoire du Louvre
The U.S. Postal Service issued April 24 a stamp commemoration World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg. (Reuters)
BRONZE replicas of his briefcase, stamped “RW”, are scattered across the world. One stands on Lidingö island near Stockholm, on the grassed-over foundations of the summer house where he was born. Others wait at the Holocaust memorial outside Nottingham, and by the United Nations in New York. In Budapest one has been left on a bench, as if at any moment Raoul Wallenberg, with his long coat, receding hairline and dark, burning eyes, will hurry past and retrieve it.
EURNEKIAN.Chairman of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation with Sor Emerenziana (Anna Bolledi), One of the novices of the School of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Rome, who saved many families. © Antoine Mekary
Baruch Tenembaum.
IDF General Staff holds meeting at Yad Vashem ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, April 13, 2015. (photo credit:IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
Ambassador Morgenthau's Story (In Armenian
Ambassador Morgenthau's Story (In Armenian)
Raoul Wallenberg at the age of 32 in Budapest in 1944 (GETTY IMAGES)
Nina Lagergren, his half-sister, in Stockholm in 2012 (GETTY IMAGES)
His Majesty King Harald V of Norway (Photo: Jørgen Gomnæs, The Royal Court.)
“Raoul Wallenberg: The Biography,” by Ingrid Carlberg.
Jews in Budapest in 1944. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Ingrid Carlberg speaks about Wallenberg at a SJWF event at Waverley Library last week. Photo: Shane Desiatnik
Perla Graisman & Eduardo Eurnekian
Perla Graisman & Yoav Tenembaum
Kofi Annan, Baruj Tenembaum & Perla Graisman
Baruch Tenembaum, Perla Graisman & Sir Nicholas Winton
Perla Graisman & Eduardo Eurnekian
Perla Graisman with Ricardo & Majo Faerman
Perla Graisman & Baruch Tenembaum
Perla Graisman & Toty Flores
Perla Graisman & Eduardo Eurnekian
Mrs. Pritchard with Erica Polak, whose family she helped shelter during the Holocaust. (Courtesy of Marion Pritchard/U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)
An undated black and white file photo showing World War II hero, Sweden's envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary, Raoul Wallenberg. Credit: AP
Raoul Wallenberg. Credit: AP
An evacuee from a rebel-held area of Aleppo, waits on a wheelchair upon his arrival with others at insurgent-held al-Rashideen, Syria December 19, 2016. Credit: Reuters
Raoul Wallenberg. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)
Barbro Elm
Barbro Elm
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
Justin Trudeau
Ambassador Nesser and Irwin Cotler (Photo Credit: Eva Taylor)
Eva Komloz, Shmuel Barzilay, Edit Vinkler and Chava Katz (Photo Credit: Eva Taylor)
Danny Rainer (Photo Credit: Eva Taylor)
THE MEMORIAL BENCH commemorating Raoul Wallenberg is seen at its inauguration outside the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm in 2012, about two weeks after the centennial of his birth. (photo credit:REUTERS)
Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp and their family. (photo credit:Courtesy)
Book cover.
Original article from L'Osservatore Romano newspaper.
R.F. Schieler.
Cacciotti, Fausto Zabban, Gianni Polgar.
Fathers Schieler y Buccella.
Gianni-Polgar-and father-Cacciotti-
Ruth Dureghello y Padre Cacciotti
Ruth Dureghello and Father Cacciotti
Silvia Costantini, Father Cacciotti.
Silvia Constantini, Wallenberg Foundation.
De Merode Theatre.
Una delle scene del docufilm Casa di vita.
L’arcivescovo di Palermo, Corrado Lorefice
Palermo Archbishop Corrado Lorefice (left) with Shavei Israel’s emissary to Sicily, Rabbi Pinhas Punturello (right).. (photo credit:SHAVEI ISRAEL)
UNSG Antonio Guterres conveys his remarks to the audience.United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony on the theme Holocaust Remembrance: Educating for a Better Future on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust (organized by the Department of Public Information (DPI))
L-R: Director of the projects films Matej Mináč, producer Patrik Pašš and Dagmar Krepopová of the Trigon Production company.Source TASR
A small stream flowing into the Dudan cave in Turkey. It was here that the Armenian residents of a local village are said to have been thrown, after being led there by Ottoman gendarmes and local Kurdish paramilitary personnel. Credit Bryan Denton for The New York Times
The gutted and abandoned interior of an Armenian monastery, north of Diyarbakir, Turkey, which, according to locals, is now used to house livestock. Credit Bryan Denton for The New York Times
Tripods used for hanging people during the Armenian genocide that started in 1915. Credit Culture Club/Getty Images
Christian Bale stars in The Promise and has spoken out against denial of the Armenian genocide CREDIT: JOSE HARO/OPEN ROAD FILMS VIA AP
Oscar Isaac also stars in the film CREDIT: JOSE HARO/OPEN ROAD FILMS VIA AP
Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale are part of a love triangle in the film CREDIT: JOSE HARO/OPEN ROAD FILMS VIA AP
Dr. Gabor Bagdy.
Agnes Pataki
(L to R) Maurice and Beatrice Carasso, Moise Battino, Christos Lataniotis and daughter Mara.
Here she sees her brother for the first time in 73 years: "It's magical" Photo: SVT / Sindra Grahn
Pontificial Portughese School is House of Life.
Silvia Constantini, Cardinal Manuel Clemente, Luigi Priollo, Antonio Marujo, Don Fernando Calvas Esteves.
L. Samuel Tenembaum.
The ceremony proclaiming the Church of All Saints in Warsaw as the House of Life.
Meth at Temple Beth Shalom with Rabbi Shelly Moss.
Ulma Family
Muzeum Polaków Ratujących Żydów/Facebook
Bundesarchiv CC ADN-ZB-Archiv II. Weltkrieg 1939-45 Flüchtlinge aus den deutschen Ostgebieten werden am 12.2.1945 in einer vorläufigen Sammelstelle in Appenrode/Dänemark versorgt. In einigen Stunden werden diese Frauen und Kinder in vorbereitete Privatquartiere in Nordschleswig gebracht. Aufnahme: Krämer [Scherl Bilderdienst]
Bianca Campagnano - saved with his brother Marcello by Fausto and Bice Staderini.
"House of Life" plaque in Staderini family house.
Professor Irma Staderini.
Staderini House in Rome.
PALERMO ARCHBISHOP Corrado Lorefice holds a portrait of Raoul Wallenberg yesterday, together with (from left) Silvia Constantini and Guillermo Bruschtein of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation alongside Giulio DiSegni and Evelyn Aouate of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. (photo credit: TAMARA ZIEVE)
PALERMO ARCHBISHOP Corrado Lorefice holds a portrait of Raoul Wallenberg yesterday, together with (from left) Silvia Constantini and Guillermo Bruschtein of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation alongside Giulio DiSegni and Evelyn Aouate of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. (photo credit:TAMARA ZIEVE)
Mons. Corrado Lorefice receives Raoul Wallenberg Medal.
L to R: Silvia Costantini, Guillermo Bruschtein and Mons Corrado Lorefice.
Lorefice was moved to tears while reading his speech.
PROF. ALESSANDRA STADERINI (right), daughter of Fausto and Bice who sheltered their Jewish friends’ children Bianca Campagnano (left) and her brother in their home in Rome during the Nazi occupation of Italy. The two women look through family photos at LUMSA University in Rome on June 27. (photo credit: TAMARA ZIEVE)
The Great Synagogue of Rome, 2009. PHOTO: ALAMY STOCK PHOTO
Barbara Moyaart-Doubleday
Danny Rainer & Barbara Mooyaart-Doubleday
Eduardo Eurnekian and Xavier Bettel.
Baruch Tenembaum, Eduardo Eurnekian and Xavier Bettel.
Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by Soviet forces in 1945 and then disappeared
Sweden's envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary Raoul Wallenberg CREDIT: AP PHOTO/SCANPIX SWEDEN
Sweden's envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary Raoul Wallenberg CREDIT: AP PHOTO/SCANPIX SWEDEN
A woman lights a candle during a memorial ceremony for International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Stockholm CREDIT: SCANPIX SWEDEN
Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by Soviet forces in 1945 and then disappeared.
Sweden's envoy to Nazi-occupied Hungary Raoul Wallenberg Credit: AP Photo/ Scanpix Sweden
Roncalli's Postal Card - Front
Book Cover
Jack Fuchs and Alexander Peyre-Dutrey
Help from the New World
Baruch Tenembaum y Johannes Rau
"Homage to Raoul Wallenberg" by Norma D'Ippólito
Natalio Wengrower and Oscar Vicente
Raoul Wallenberg by Peter Malkin
Passports created by Wallenberg
Raoul Wallenberg (Photo: AP)
André Chouraqui
Commemorative plaque of Franziska Bereit in Berlin.
Else Blochwitz
Elisabeth Bussian
Wilhelm Grouls file of Buchewald Camp.
Benno Heller and his wife Irmgard.
Eva Hermann
Photo of Ellen Loebel
Janina Klein Dylag
Irena Sendler
Unidad Educativa Preescolar Raoul Wallenberg
Baruch Tenembaum and the Aphostolic Nuncio Monsignor Bernardini
Baruch Tenembaum
Professor Nathan André Chouraqui
Baruch Tenembaum gives the Raoul Wallenberg Medal to Kofi Annan; beside him, his wife Nane Annan, niece of Raoul Wallenberg.
The exhibition took place at the "B´nai Jeshurun" congregation.
Alberto Kaplan and Isaac Waxemberg in Palais de Glace
Baruch Tenembaum & Rabi David Baron
Sigurd Larsen
Gertrud Luckner
Joachim and Gerda Marcuse with Kurt Levin after their successfull escape helped by Sigurd Larsen.
Harald Poelchau
Karl Schörghofer
Paul Seele (left)
Otto Weidt
Susanne Witte
Herta Zerna
John Crisostomo (right) with Prime Minister of Portugal, Dn. José Manuel Durao Barroso
Clockwise: Bulgarian Chancellor Solomon Passy with Baruch Tenembaum.
Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the UN, received from Baruch Tenembaum, the founder of the Argentine House in Jerusalem, a painting that represents the Jewish colonies in Argentina.
"Student" by Yehuda Vardi.
Tomas Kertesz, Ambassador Madeleine Ströje-Wilkens, Laszlo Ladanyi, Aníbal Ibarra and Natalio Wengrower in the homage ceremony to Wallenberg.
Numerous people stand beside the statue of Raoul Wallenberg at the homage in Tel Aviv.
Wallenberg Statue in Budapest
Monument to Wallenberg in Santiago de Chile
Clockwise: Dr. Yoav Tenembaum gives the canvas "Basilica de la Anunciacion Nazareth" to Mrs. Klara Breuer, who represented President of Hungary, Ferenc Madl .
The founder of Casa Argentina en Jerusalem and IRWF, Baruj Tenembaum, along with Nina Lagergren, Raoul Wallenberg´s sister.
Statue damaged
"Raoul Wallenberg" by Peter Z. Malkin. Exhibited at UNESCO Paris and currently at IRWF.
Envelope and postmark with the date of issue
Pope John XXIII
Simón Moguilevsky
Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas (1876-1954)
Gilberto Bosques Saldívar (20/07/1892 - 4/07/1995)
Baruch Tenembaum and the Apostolic Nuncio Santos Abril y Castelló.
Dimitar Peshev
Front side of Peshev's Medal coined by the IRWF
Jan Karski
Polish Ambassador Eugeniusz Noworyta
Nicholas Tozer and Jean Pierre Bendahan speak before the pupils of Project Three School.
Clockwise.: Jean Pierre Bendahan, Beatriz Montes de Oca and Nicholas Tozer in New Horizon School.
Nicholas Tozer and Jean Pierre Bendahan with teachers Irene Castro and Mabel Castañeda.
Clockwise: José Ignacio Maria Hamilton and Isidoro Israel Faerman
Clockwise: Father Horacio Moreno, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires Mons. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Cardinal Angelo Sodano greet at the Metropolitan Cathedral.
Inside the Cathedral, Sorman (center) visited the commemorative mural
Uki Goñi and Holocaust survivor Laszlo Ladanyi, saved by Wallenberg in 1944
The book deals with a polemic subject in Argentina and it has been the subject of the front cover of the Latin-American edition of Time magazine on November 9, 1998.
Raoul Wallenberg Award 2000 Medal
"Raoul Wallenberg at 77" by Hal Goldberg
Mr. Natalio Wengrower of Casa Argentina along Libertad temple’s Rabbi, Simón Moguilevsky and Baruj Tenembaum, minutes after the religious service in Wallenberg’s honor.
Archbishop Renato Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
Blueprint of the Memory Park
In January 1965 Baruch Tenembaum was received in the Vatican by Pope Paul VI. This meeting set the basis of interfaith dialogue. The Holy See marked the visit by issuing a postal stamp.
Per Anger in his office in Stockholm in 1985. Wallenberg`s picture is in the background.
Nicholas Tozer, member of IRWF's Executive Committee, presents Federico Mayor, General director of UNESCO, with sculpture by the artist Norma D' Ippolito. On the left, Israel Singer from the
Poster of Raoul Wallenberg's Monument in Buenos Aires
Clockwise: Nicholas Tozer, Father Horacio Moreno, Natalio Wengrower, Rabbi Simón Moguilevsky, Ladislao Ladanyi, José I. García Hamilton and other visitors in front of the Memorial Mural
Tom Lantos and Baruch Tenembaum
Dr Frank Vajda and Dr Reuben Glass in the Commemorative Seat in Australia.
Aristides Mendes, Sheila Fleishchacker, John Crisostomo, Abigail Tenembaum y Embajador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes showing the Sousa Mendes portrait by Peter Malkin.
Dr. Natalio Wengrower shows the Mural to Ambassador Schumacher and to the City Mayor Anibal Ibarra (Picture: Marina Rico Ballesteros)
Father Horacio Moreno is watched by Spanish Ambassador Manuel Alabart
José Ignacio Garcia Hamilton, Swedish Ambassador Madeleine Ströje-Wilkens, Chilean Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés and United Nations local representative Juan Manuel Sotelo
Ambassador Alabart, Consul General Fairén Sanz and Natalio Wengrower
José García Hamilton, Madeleine Ströje-Wilkens, Juan Gabriel Valdés and Juan Manuel Sotelo
Louise Von Dardel and Minister Tomy Lapid in their meeting in Jerusalem.
For love. Palatucci (sitting) preferred to save his Jewish girlfriend and died in a concentration camp.
Oscar Vicente
Peter Landelius
Herald Photo - Marina Rico Ballesteros
Raoul Wallenberg
Toti Flores, Cardinal Kasper and Mrs. Susana Caramelo
Malkiel Tenembaum, Rabbi Moguilevsky and Cardinal Kasper.
Baruch Tenembaum in front of the Knesset building.
Bishop Wolfgang Huber with Baruch Tenembaum
The direction and script belong to Vivián Imar and Marcelo Trotta.
Comic of Baruch Tenembaum, born in Las Palmeras, in which some of his interests and deeds are highlighted, such as: Las Palmeras and the film LEGACY.
Dr. Natalio Wengrower
From the Argentine documentary ´Legacy,´ about Jewish gauchos.
Juan XXIII, "El Papa Bueno"
Drossel (Photo courtesy Rackham Graduate School)
Jean Pierre Bendahan and Rodrigo Rendo
Huber and Tenembaum
Wallenberg saved Jews by giving them Swedish passports
Ladanyi, Arvidsson, Kertesz, his wife Katy, LaPorta y Tenembaum
Age Progressed Photo (courtesy of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Horace Heafner – USA)
Giovanni Palatucci''s cause of beatification is already under way
Schmeling triumphant
Antonio Rodrigues, Sheila Abranches, Baruj Tenembaum, Luise Phillipe Mendes and John Crisostomo
Very few Germans are honored at the Yad Vashem memorial
Agnes Adachi and Columbia Students
Rabbi Dr. Nathan Peter Levinson
Agnes Hirschi (Lutz daughter) and Baruch Tenembaum.
Natalio Wengrower and President Néstor Kirchner
The Gies couple protected several families when the Nazis invaded Holland.
Bill Bingham speaking at the Varian Fry Way ceremony in Ridgewood, NJ
Mrs. Sheila Fleischhacker Abranches with the Registry Book used by Sousa Mendes for the thousands visas issued on June 17, 1940
Lela Sopianac
Swedish diplomat and World War II hero Raoul Wallenberg*
Consul General Arturo Sarukhan and Abigail Tenembaum
Jacky Comforty, Director of "The Optimist"
Susi Cantarino
Governor of Nebraska Dave Heineman and Honorary Consul of Sweden in Nebraska Tom Lund, during the Wallenberg Day Proclamation in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Abigail Tenembaum and Luna Kaufman
School Expulsion Certificate
Varian Fry
Hannah Szenes
Zofia Kossak-Szczucka (1890-1968)
Ilustration: Martín Kovensky
Artemis Joukowsky III campaigned vigorously to have his grandparents, Waitstill and Martha Sharp, recognized for their efforts to save hundreds of people from Nazis.
Co-ordinators and volunteers show their Diplomas.
This article was published by Swedish Press magazine.
From left to right: Baruj Tenembaum, Laszlo Ladanyi, Toti Flores y Sra. y Tomás Kertesz.
Mr. Amikan Dorón by the monument in honor of Wallenberg in Santiago de Chile.
Agnes Adachi
Agnes Adachi and Marian Levy
Xu Xin and Abigail Tenembaum
Blessed Maria Elisabetta Hesselblad
Date: 1946 Era: After WWII
Marion Pritchard
Bernardo Jerochim
Ben Olander and his guitar at the UN School
Bernardo Jerochim, in Buenos Aires. (DARIO BERMAN)
John Crisostomo addresses the people
Jerochim and Ambassador Schumacher,
Carl Lutz in a photograph taken in 1959 (RDB)
"Searching for Wallenberg" producer Robert Kimmel
Rep. Tom Lantos, D-Calif., center, is handcuffed in his arrest during a demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy as part of a protest against genocide in Sudan's embattled Darfur region
Udo Jost
Introduction and forwarding letters of the Wallenberg Foundation by Annemarie Werner.
Roman Giertych, head of the League of Polish Families, left, leaves a meeting in Warsaw, Poland alongside Andrzej Lepper, leader of the populist Self-Defense party.
Ana Salomón
Adolf Eichmann is shown imprisoned in 1961 in Israel, where he was tried, convicted and hanged in 1962.
Train yard photo taken by Tom from inside Wallenberg's car. Wallenberg stands at right, hands clasped behind him, overseeing his "Book of Life."
Erwin K. Koranyi, M.D.
Student Josephine Krebs and Éva Wimmer, former secretary and translator of Wallenberg
Barton Schink
Elisa Carrió
Postal Stamp in honor of Yvonne Broche Verly, issued on an initiative of the IRWF.
Postal stamp in honor of Maurice Pochet, issued on an initiative of the IRWF.
Postal stamp in honor of Gaston Champagne, issued on an initiative of the IRWF.
Original Letter in Swedish
The head of the School Miss Patricia Vecilla adding some more importante information about Wallenberg and the Foundation
Original Letter in Swedish
Oscar Vicente and Bernardo Jerochim
Walter Frentz, Göring and Hitler at a weapons demonstration on a closed section of the autobahn near Berchtesgaden.
President Mesic and Baruch Tenembaum.
From left to right: Senator Seymour Lachman, Vincent Marmorale, Walter Wolff, Liliana Picciotto Fargion, Eva Fogelman and Simon Levis Sullam.
Ben Olander
Baruch Tenembaum
Sebastião de Sousa Mendes
Pope John XXIII
Ford: in Congress he gained a reputation as a hard-working, hard-nosed Conservative (Camera Press)
Oscar Vicente, Sergio Bergman and Natalio Wengrower
Wallenberg is viewed as epitome of morality.
Millions of records kept by Nazi Germany are going to be opened to the public.
The Westfield Symphony Orchestra will present the premiere of a work by the Montclair composer Robert Cohen
Aristides de Sousa Mendes
George F. Smoot
Un orador lee una carta del Presidente Laslo Solyom
A Swedish diplomat in Budapest, during WWII Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands of Jews by providing Swedish "protection passports" which allowed them to be considered as Swedish citizens.
Ambassador Ulf Hjertonsson, Consul General of Sweden in NY, and Dov Hikind, State Assemblyman
Larry Orbach, a Holocaust survivor, speaks in the living room of his apartment in New York, April 25, 2007
Belgium's Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, 2nd right, and Belgium's Defense Minister Andre Flahaut, right.
Ms. Agnes Adachi
Ms Rachel Bernheim and Ambassador Robert Rydberg
Hellen Weisel
Tom and Annette Lantos met as children in Hungary. They have been married 57 years.
Juraj Szanto
The International Tracing Service contains the files of 51 concentration camps and prisons, and of displaced persons from the 1940s, like those of a Latvian set designer.
Bertha Hoffman and husband
Ester Mejer
Eliezer & Isaac as children in Budapest
Shahab Husseini stars in "Zero Degree Turn".
Alfred Delp
A drawing by Marcel Marceau
Ester Mejer
Alex and Mela Roslan
Johtje Vos in the 1990s.
Major Karl Plagge
Tom Lantos
Professor Norman Poser, the author
Tom Lantos
Luisa Pacheco Marques delivers a speech next to a photograph of Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes
Vera Goodkin
Joseph Reich
As seen through these eyes
Mollie Doerner
Albanian shepherd Kasem Jakup Kocerri, born in 1915, pictured with family members Burbuqe, Bino and Ana.
Dr. Mordecai Paldiel from the IRWF with Ms. Faiza Abdul-Wahab, the daughter of the honored rescuer and Ms. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, the daughter of Ms. Anny Boukris, rescued by Mr. Abdul-Wahab
Mayor Mary F. Foster, Bishop Robert Brucato, Fr. Thomas Kiely, Archbishop Mykhayil Javchak Champion, Mr. Zvi Kichel and Rabbi Claudio J. Kupchik
This picture has never been published; Raoul Wallenberg and friends in Israel (first to the right), 1936. Picture I. Drukker z.l. Courtesy of Max Grunberg,©
Vera Koppel
"Heldenhafter Einsatz" der S. A.
Profesor Mario Capecchi
Stamps made by the Wallenberg Foundation in Israel
Judith Friedlander
Dr. Mordecai Paldiel (left) and President Bami Topi
The testimony: Esfira, 94 years old, surrounded by her grandchildren, who helped her in reconstructing her story and that of Stanislawa Slawinska, declared Righteous among Nations.
Rescuer and rescued: Karolina Rezseli and Steven Colman.
Steven Colman keeps the memory alive.
Ambassador Domingo Cullen, Ferenc Orosz, Karolina Reszeli and Steve Colman
Irena Sendler
Sandra Samuel escaping from the Mumbai Chabad House with 2-year-old Moshe'le Holtzberg in her arms
Plaque at the foreign ministry, unveiled, dedicated to Lemkin by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Adam Daniel Rotfeld, 2005
Original article in Hebrew
Jewish Graves desecrated by vandals with Nazi swastikas and anti-semitic slogans in the Jewish cemetery of Brumath, close to Strasbourg, October 31, 2004.
Miep Gies (photo: Anne Frank Museum)
Danny Rainer
Wilm Hosenfeld, a German officer who helped save two Jews during the Holocaust and was honored as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.
John Paul Abranches
Elemér Milkó
An undated file photo of Raoul Wallenberg
Bishop Richard Williamson (second from left) arrives in Britain after being ordered out of Argentina. Photo: AP [file]
Alice Lok Cahana is overcome by her memories as she stands before a piece of her art, a mixed-media remembrance of the Holocaust.
Esther Gilbert, Sir Martin Gilbert, Danny Rainer and Yoav Tenembaum.
Wallenberg's passport photo - 1944.
Monuments to Raoul Wallenberg have been built in many countries. This one, in Budapest, Hungary, shows the hero fighting a giant snake. (Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images)
Baruch Tenembaum
Gabe Hartstein
Gabriel Hartstein
Baruch Tenembaum, founder of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, appreciated Joan Delaney's article. (The Epoch Times)
Baruch Tenembaum, exemplary work for a common memory
Agnes and David Adler stand before the studio at their home in Westwood.
David and Agnes Adler
Per Sjönell, Marcos Aguinis and Daniel Gazit
Danny Rainer, Benjamim Escaig and Larry Pfeffer
Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Knut Hamsun was charged with treason because of his Nazi sympathies.
Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews in 1944