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  • Francisca Halamajowa, Poland

    During several Aktions (massive deportations) in the Sokal Ghetto in 1942, Francisca Halamajowa, a Polish Catholic in her late 50s living in Ukraine, hid Jewish families in the hayloft over her pigsty. In 1943, one of the children cried so long and loud that everyone, including Mrs. Halamajowa, risked discovery. The family decided to sacrifice [...]

  • Gertruda Babilenska, Poland

    Gertruda Babilinska was born in 1902 near Danzig, Poland. She worked for a rich Jewish family named Stolowitzky, caring for the two children. The father was taken to Auschwitz. Then the daughter died. Mrs. Stolowitzky thought Warsaw would be safer. Gertruda accompanied them to Warsaw and then to Vilna. Things were very bad. The Nazis [...]