Elisa Carrió remembers the Saviors of the Holocaust

On the 94th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg’s birth, Member of Congress Elisa Carrió (ARI) remembered the Saviors of the Holocaust.

The ceremony, organized by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, took place at the Hannah Arendt Institute, NGO presided by Carrió.

Sergio Berman, Rabbi of the Argentine Israeli Congregation, was the special guest. Oscar Vicente, president of the IRWF, also participated of the ceremony.

”Wallenberg is an outstanding representative of all the righteous people that were aware of the real situation that Jewish people were going thru at the very time when things were taking place. Their sense of right and wrong was the first step that they took on the road towards freedom, responsibility, and against complicity”, stated Carrió.

Sergio Berman said that ”the darkest night of our times was the night of the Shoah; however we are now here to talk about kindness, which makes this ceremony special and unique. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is a symbol on itself: it is an icon which represents a dialogue that should be broader. There is a difference between role models and idols: we should follow the reole models, but we should not idolize.”

Wallenberg is a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of people persecuted by the Nazis during WWII. He has been missing since 1945, when he was captured by the soviet army.

The IRWF has started a worldwide campaign which has already collected over 22,000 signatures. Renowned individuals from around the world have sent letters addressed to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the only person who can elucidate the mystery of Wallenberg’s fate.

Just before the end of the ceremony, during the closing of her speech, deputy Carrió announced that her party will support the declaration of the ”Raoul Wallenberg Day” in the city of Buenos Aires, as well as the naming of a street in the diplomat’s honor.

Translation: Ileana Cheszes