July 7, 2011

June 2011

The publication of dossier “Roncalli”

From the preface by the IRWF founder Baruch Tenembaum:
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to review the massive dossier which documents the life-saving efforts of Cardinal Angelo Roncalli while he served as the Apostolic Delegate of the Vatican in Istambul, during the dark years of the Shoah. The aforementioned dossier, which includes new revelations and evidences, has been recently submitted by the Wallenberg Foundation to Yad Vashem, with our firm recommendation to bestow upon Roncalli the title of Righteous among the Nations.
To read the synopsis and all the documents presented in the Roncalli file click here.

Educational Program “Raoul Wallenberg” at the University of Salvador

The University of Salvador invited the IRWF Buenos Aires to presents its educational program on Raoul Wallenberg. The program was presented at the auditorium of the Faculty of Social Sciences by David Galante, a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp, and Nicholas Tozer, a former editor of the Buenos Aires Herald and a member of the boards of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation and the Casa Argentina in Israel Tierra Santa. The Bishop of Zárate-Campana and an Honorary Member of the IRWF Monsignor Oscar Sarlinga, specially invited by the academic authorities, was one of the speakers.
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Wallenberg Foundation at the UCES

On June 8th at 7PM the IRWF organized second encounter with the students of the UCES (University of Business and Social Sciences). The program included the testimony of a Holocaust survivor Mr. Jorge Klainman.
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An encounter with Myriam Kesler at the Maimonides University, Buenos Aires

Ms. Myriam Kesler gave her testimony to a group of students of the History department of the Maimonides University on June 13th. The encounter was organized by the IRWF Buenos Aires.
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The IRWF at the UADE, Buenos Aires

The IRWF Buenos Aires organized an encounter with Ms. Hélène Gutkowski, a Holocaust survivor, at the UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) on June 16th. 100 students and the chairs of the History of Civilization and Political Science were in attendance. The IRWF was presented by Mr. Martin Tenenbaum, a volunteer of the Foundation.
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