January 2005

Worldwide Campaign ”100.000 names for 100.000 lives”

The IRWF launched a world wide campaign to definitively discover Raoul Wallenberg’s final destiny. Please, click on the link below, fill the form and your name will be registered with thousands of others who will gather 100,000 names for the 100,000 lives Wallenberg saved in Budapest during Second World War. Help us claim for the solution of this case. The IRWF will present the collected signatures before the UN.

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Wallenberg was rememberd all over the world

On January 17th 2005, after six decades of having been arrested and gone missing by the Soviet Army, several acts, organized and sponsored by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, were celebrated all over the world, to remember the Swedish Diplomat, savior of thousands of lives during the Holocaust.

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La Nación. Remembering Raoul Wallenberg

Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews and other groups persecuted by the Nazis in Hungary during the Second World War, was honored.

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Zenit. For Pioneer in Jewish-Catholic Dialogue, a Day to Remember

For Baruch Tenembaum, founder of the Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation, and one of the pioneers of the dialogue between Jews and Catholics, this was a historic day.

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The Boston Globe. A fallen hero without a grave

Today marks the birthday of a great American, Martin Luther King Jr. This day coincides with the commemoration of another great American citizen, Raoul Wallenberg.

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Washington Post. Will we ”never forget”?

Sixty years ago the Russians liberated Auschwitz, as the Americans approached Dachau. The Allied advance revealed to a stunned world the horrors of the greatest catastrophe ever to befall our civilization.

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BBC. Search for Swedish Holocaust hero

More than a decade after he vanished from Budapest, the USSR acknowledged that he had been seized by Soviet troops. The authorities said he had died in a Russian prison, but the circumstances of his death are still shrouded in mystery.

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MUG. A measure of the man …

In 1944, the Germans were deporting Hungarian Jews by the trainload. Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish, 33, and until recently, a businessman, climbs on top of yet another freight train in an Hungarian train station …

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Turkey served as safe haven for Jews during the Holocaust

Turkish Consul Selahattin Ulkumen’s confrontation with the Nazis in the occupied Greek island of Rhodes, during the Holocaust, helped rescue 32 Jews from the island’s Jewish community, but ultimately led to his wife’s death.

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Wallenberg School in Ecuador

Thanks to the support of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, the Raoul Wallenberg School in Ecuador has begun the construction of new facilities which will include sport fields, a swimming pool and laboratories for special classes.

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Missing in Action

Public Appeal. To individuals who may have factual information about the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg.

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Screening of film on Nuncio Angelo Roncalli

The documentary film Desperate Hours, revisits a little-known story of Jewish survival. During the dark days of World War II, diplomats and clergy in Turkey worked relentlessly to save their country’s Jewish population. Victoria Barrett’s documentary utilizes interviews with survivors and witnesses to tell this mostly unknown story, and bring the heroism of everyday Turks to light.

Desperate Hours, winner of the Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award at the 2003 D.C. Independent Film Festival, will be followed by a round-table panel with Turkish Consul General Omer Onhon, Victoria Barrett -member of the Angelo Roncalli Committee-, Turkish Jewry scholar Niso Abuaf, and survivor Bernard Turiel.

February 7, 2005 at 7:00 PM at the American Sephardi Federation, Sephardic House, and Yeshiva University Museum located at The Center for Jewish History at 15 West 16th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues), New York City; 212-294-8350; www.asfonline.org.

We are looking for people rescued

The IRWF is looking for people rescued and / or relatives of those saved by Wallenberg or by Carl Lutz in Budapest during WWII or by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux or Bayonne in June 1940.

Please contact irwf@irwf.org