February 2005

President of Austria is a new member of the Wallenberg Foundation

In a letter addressed to Baruch Tenembaum, the President of Austria, Heinz Fischer, accepted to join the Honorary Board of the IRWF.

”Raoul Wallenberg was an outstanding personality whose memory as a courageous diplomat who helped tens of thousands of people to escape the atrocities of the Nazi regime is held in highest regards by me personally and by the Republic of Austria. And the same is the case for other women and men as Nuncio Angelo Roncalli, who risked their life to help others who were persecuted.”

”As for the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, I have been following its work for many years with attention and much appreciation, and I wholeheartedly share its aims. It is, therefore, an honour for me to accept your kind invitation to join the Honorary Board of both the IRWF and the Angelo Roncalli Committee.”, wrote President Fischer.

IRFW campaign reaches 15.000 signatures

The ”100,000 names for 100,000 lives” campaign to claim for the solution of Wallenberg´s case before the UN and definitively discover his final destiny, keeps growing and collecting worldwide support. We have gathered 15,000 signatures in a month and a half.

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Blog about IRWF campaign

The weblog of Norman Geras includes our ”100,000 for 100,000” campaign. Norman Geras is Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Manchester. His books include Marx and Human Nature: Refutation of a Legend, Solidarity in the Conversation of Humankind: The Ungroundable Liberalism of Richard Rorty, and Men of Waugh: Ashes 2001.

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IRWF 2004 Report of Activities

See the complete report of activities carried out by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation all over the world.

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La Nación. Max Schmeling

Max Schmeling, the German heavyweight champion, wrongly associated with Hitler’s regime during his legendary fights with Joe Louis, died in Germany at the age of 99.

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Bloomberg.com. Max Schmeling, Joe Louis’s friend and foe, dies at 99

”Max Schmeling was an idol for generations of people,” German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in a faxed statement. ”He didn’t only become a legend because of his unique boxing successes, as heavyweight world champion and all-class world champion. Above all, Max Schmeling was much appreciated inside and outside Germany as a human being and private person.”

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The Economist.com. Obituary in brief: Max Schmeling

Memory is unkind to many, but to Max Schmeling more than most. The athletic skills of Germany’s only ever world heavyweight boxing champion were matched by his lifelong generosity.

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Philly.com. NE man’s kin helped Jews flee Nazis

He was supposed to deport every Jew in his Italian city, sending them to Nazi concentration camps where they would die by the thousands. But the police chief in Fiume in northern Italy was doing something else. At the height of the Nazis’ power in World War II, he was forging papers to help at least 5,000 Jewish people flee the country or take refuge in southern Italy.

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Christian News Today.com. Swedish diplomat who saved thousands from nazis honoured

Sixty years after his disappearance, the Wallenberg Foundation is launching an international campaign to collect 100,000 signatures. It intends to present a petition to the United Nations demanding an enquiry into what happened to the diplomat. They are calling on the Russian authorities to put an end to the tragic mystery and reveal what happened.

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Interfaith Report

Complete Report of interfaith activities.

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We are looking for people rescued

The IRWF is looking for people rescued and / or relatives of those saved by Wallenberg or by Carl Lutz in Budapest during WWII or by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux or Bayonne in June 1940.

Please contact irwf@irwf.org

Marion Pritchard, dutch savior

In the spring of 1942 Pritchard saw Nazis loading children, ages 2 to 8, onto trucks. ”I was shocked and in tears,” Pritchard said, ”and after that I knew my rescue work was more important than anything else I might be doing.”

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