December 2004

Brazilian savior honored

Moved by what he later called ”a Christian feeling of mercy”, Souza Dantas granted diplomatic visas for hundreds of Jews and other persecuted by the Nazi regime during WWII.

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New York Sun. The Brazilian Schindler

Souza Dantas – the uncle of newspaperwoman Katherine Graham by marriage – headed the Brazilian diplomatic mission in France during World War II. Those whom he saved included noted Polish theater director Zbigneiw Ziembinski, who arrived in Rio the Janeiro in 1941.

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Zenit. Tribute to Brazilian envoy who helped Jews

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation recently paid tribute to Brazilian diplomat Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas, who saved numerous Jews from the Nazis.

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Mayor of London salutes

Dear Baruch Tenembaum

The bravery shown by people such as Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas should be held up as an inspiration to us all. Rather than hide away from the horrors of facism as so many people did, he chose to act, and in doing so saved hundreds of lives. At a time when Europe is again witnessing the rise of the far right we should remember the truth that ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ (Burke) and, like Souza Dantas, be ready to take action.

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

Waiting for Raoul

The wealth of nations is not only the result of accumulating capital, but above all, a precious benefit that important countries obtain and preserve by looking at their past, directly and without shame, regardless of how atrocious it may have been.

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On His Majesty Secret Service

Frank Foley, a British Intelligence Officer, helped, at least,10.000 Jews to escape from Germany to Great Britain and its colonies before the Second World War started.

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Holocaust Memorial Day in Spain

On December 10th the Ministers Council of Spain has declared January 27th as the Official Day of the Memory of the Holocaust and the Prevention of the Crimes against Humanity.

On January 27th the death camp located in Auschwitz, Poland, was liberated.

Record on-line. The quiet man.

A symbol had come to town that spring. It was 1938, and the symbol’s name was Max Schmeling, a German heavyweight fighter who for most Americans back then was as odious a figure as Osama bin Laden is to Americans today.

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Founder of the IRWF receives accolade

The radio show ”Música y Vida de Israel” (Music and Life of Israel) presented to Baruch Tenembaum the ”Award to Merit 2004” award for his work at the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. The award was presented by the show host, Daniel Olkenitzky, at the AMIA (Main Jewish Community Center of Argentina) building in Buenos Aires. Tenembaum, in turn, dedicated the award to Father Horacio Moreno, President of the IRWF, and to writer Uki Goñi, author of the book ”The Real Odessa”.

Wallenberg Foundation receives donation

The archives of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation received a series of important documents, part of late Carl Levine’s personal collection, as a donation after his wife’s death.

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We are looking for people rescued

The IRWF is looking for people rescued and / or relatives of those saved by Wallenberg in Budapest during 1944 – 1945 or by Aristides de Sousa Mendes in Bordeaux or Bayonne in June 1940.

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