US Congressional Human Rights Caucus Special Briefing

I was proud and privileged to represent the International Raoul Wallenberg International Foundation in Washington DC on July 31, 2007 at” The Congressional Human Rights Caucus Special Briefing” at the Rayburn HOB Building.

There was a viewing of Raoul Wallenberg from ”60 Minutes” with Dan Rather, as well as being graced by the presence of Mrs. Annette Lantos, also rescued by Mr. Wallenberg, who is the wife of the Honorable Congressman, Tom Lantos, Democratic M.C. of the 12th District of California.

After the viewing, I spoke of how Raoul Wallenberg saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews including myself, my parents, two younger sisters and a baby brother from exterminations during the Holocaust.

Room 2200 was filled with young and old, all curious to hear about this 33 year old Holocaust Hero who put his life on the line, racing against time, trying to save as many Jews as possible-while Eichmann tried to slaughter them-before the war’s end. In 1945, when the Russians liberated Budapest, they arrested Raoul Wallenberg who then vanished never to be heard from again.

We were again reminded of how one, single human being can, and does matter! If Raoul were alive today, he would say, ”Do something!”