Countess Maria von Maltzen, Germany

Countess Maria Helene Francoise Izabel von Maltzen was born on March 25th, 1909, in Silesia, Germany.

After completing grade school and in spite of her family’s opposition, Maria decided to undertake studies in Veterinary Science, through which she obtained a doctorate in Natural Science.

When the Nazis reached power, Maria’s sense of justice made her join several resistance groups and underground fighters.

She sheltered over 60 Jews in her own residence, providing them with food and protection. With the aim of helping them escape, Maria forged visas and exit documents. Maria even drove the trucks loaded with escapees.

Countess Maria Helene Francoise Izabel von Maltzen passed away on November 12th, 1997. Hers is the life of a savior.

Edited by: Matthew London

Translation: josefina prytyka