Jean Kowalyk Berger

Date: 1946 Era: After WWII

Jean Kowalyk Berger of the Ukraine hid fourteen Jews in her attic, behind a false wall she and her mother had built for that purpose. She cared for the Jews for almost two years. After marrying one of the men she helped rescue, the couple left the Ukraine due to lingering anti-Semitism and moved to the U.S.

Berger, who began by saving her Jewish friends, expanded her rescue work to include saving strangers. With the help of her family, for two years she hid fourteen Jews behind a false wall in her attic.

Era: After WWII

Berger and her mother hid Jews in their cramped home, protected them and cared for them. They also took food every month to children who were hidden in Cracow. Berger was honored by Yad Vashem in 1985.