Enlightenment on Argentina and the Third Reich


Letters to the editor

Dear Sir:

”The national executive branch has extended by Decree No.390/2002, the mandate of the Commission for the Clarification of the Activities of Nazism in Argentina (CEANA, in Spanish); an organization that depends from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As an Argentine, I cannot but be surprised and also react sadly to this latest news. Far from clarifying, CEANA has added more doubts to those already existing concerning the relations between Argentina and the Third Reich.

As was especially emphasized in my article, ”The Wealth of Nations”, published in La Nacion on 30 January 2003, there are questions that remain to be clarified, even more so since recent investigations brought to light, and prove, if not complicity, at least extreme carelessness in the treatment of a delicate chapter in Argentine history.”

Professor Jaime Krejner
International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation