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  • Andree Guelen Herscovici, Belgium

    Andrée Guelen Herscovici was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1921. At the age of 18, she began teaching at a local school. This was the year during which the Nazis occupied Brussels. At school, Andrée noticed that children were disappearing from her class. She investigated and learned that the children had been taken to concentration [...]

  • Nina Marchuk, Moldova

    Poplavskoye, Ukraine, 1944 – Nina Marchuk and her family sheltered Rima Shipitsina, who had escaped the Karlovsky labor camp. Rima had been at the camp since she and her sister were interned after the Einsatzgruppen murdered their family in 1941. When the Germans forced the villagers to abandon their homes, Nina Marchuk’s family kept Rima [...]

  • Nadezhda Salauyova, Belarus

    In 1943, Leah Ruderman smuggled herself and her son, Leonid, out of the Minsk ghetto long enough to beg total strangers, Nadezhda Salauyova and her mother, to hide Leonid. The two women agreed. Leah handed them a letter about Leonid’s family for when he was older. Then she returned to the ghetto where she was [...]

  • Helena Jacobs, Germany

    Helene Jacobs was born in Berlin, Germany in 1906. Her stated childhood belief that everyone is responsible for whom and what they encounter led her to fight Nazism. Throughout her life she assisted individuals, who were being persecuted by the Nazis. She looked for others who felt the same and compelled them to provide safe [...]

  • Roman Bilecki, Poland

    Together with her cousin Julian, Roman Bilecki saw the hardships the Jews faced in Poland, and wanted nothing more than to help. The Jews were told were to seek refuge from the Nazis in parts of the woods where it would be unlikely that they would be found. Roman and Julian would bring them food, [...]