Name: Raoul Wallenberg Lyceum (former Lyceum 53)
Principal: Prof. Dra. Mónica Barbazita
Address: Guaviyú S/N y Regimiento 9
Phone: 203 3985
Fax: 203 4041
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Postal Seal

Name: Raoul Wallenberg postal seal.
On September 4th, 2000, the Postal Service of Uruguay issued a postal seal dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg.
Web site: See the postal seal

Public Space

Name: Raoul Wallenberg Public Space.
The Municipal Government of Montevideo, the Central Jewish Committee of Uruguay and the Uruguayan Department of External Affairs yielded the unveiling of a public space dedicated to the heroic deeds of Raoul Wallenberg in Montevideo.
Web site: See the Wallenberg Public Space


Name: Raoul Wallenberg Plaque.
A plaque in honor of the memory of Raoul Wallenberg was unveiled by Architect Mariano Arana, Mayor of Montevideo, on November 5, 1999.
Location: Jorge Canning and Dr. Américo Ricaldoni Avenue, Montevideo.
See the plaque.

Calendar 2003

ORT University create the 2003 Calendar in base of Raoul Wallenberg. Download here in PDF