Corrientes has its Wallenberg day

For the first time in Argentine history one of its provinces has devoted a day to the memory of Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat savior of tens of thousands of people persecuted during the Holocaust.

The decree Nº2242, bearing the signature of Horacio Ricardo Colombí, Governor of the Province of Corrientes, establishes, amongst other concepts, that the 5th. of October of each year will be dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg’s memory, thanks to the proposal made by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

Amongst the reasons that establish this decree, the resolution underlines that ”`probably Wallenberg can be considered as one of the greatest saviours of human lives in history” and that ” the values that inspired Wallenberg are universal pillars that bear up open, free and democratic societies.” The decree also emphasizes that, solidarity and civic courage know no physical or temporary boundaries.

Translation: María Pensavalle