The Province of Cordoba recalls Raoul Wallenberg

The Ministry of Education of the Argentine province of Cordoba has decided to include the August 4th in the School Yearbook, to commemorate Raoul Wallenberg’s birth, as a respectful tribute for the humanitarian mission of the missing Swedish diplomat.

Through the resolution Nº 805/05, and as an initiative of the International Foundation Raoul Wallenberg, the Minister of Education, Dr Amelia de los Milagros López signed the above mentioned resolution, expressing the following concepts, among others:

”(Wallenberg) is the modern paradigm of the (missing) ”desaparecido” figure, widely notorious in our country”. ”The values that inspired his incomparable mission, are the universal mainstays supporting open-minded, free and democratic societies. Said values are ethical pillars that know no time or geographical bounds”. ”This Ministry should be involved with this request, that is why it is considered advisable to include the August 4th as a commemoration of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg as a respectful tribute for his humanitarian and heroic deed”

Translation: Graciela Forman