April 4, 2004

Preschool named after Wallenberg in Ecuador


Mrs. Patricia Vecilla Mackliff is a woman tied to the private sector, studied Languages in England, Advertising and Marketing in the United States; in Ecuador she studied German and seminars of educational psychology. She founded years ago the Preschool and school ”Sunrise”

Why did you change the name Sunrise to Raoul Wallenberg?
This is a way of paying my gratitude and that of my children Baruj and Dafna to Mr. Baruch Tenembaum who is the founder of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in New York. This is a private non-profit institution dedicated to encourage the inter-religious dialogue, inspired by the outstanding deeds of this man during World War II. It is important that we unite against all forms of discrimination or persecution, regardless of the moment, place or circumstances.

When was Sunrise created?
It was created in 1996 with the instruction of English as second language and for the last four years it has been functioning as a bi-lingual Preschool and School, where we treat English as our priority.

Is it true that you will move abroad?
I will travel as I have always done and I will head the institution, the parents can be confident.

Do you plan to build your own building?
Yes. There is a program for the year 2005 to start the classes in an adequate place, which includes sports fields, swimming pools and a laboratory for special classes. I consider that the edification of this educational center is one of the blessings that God has reserved for me.

What is your message to the parents?
I will always love to count with their support since an institution requires a lot of investment and dedication. We are personally committed to the education of the children, based on an excellent pedagogy, but it also includes the values that each human being should practice in addition to educating the children about God Almighty.