Ecuador Remembers Wallenberg in his 94th Birthday

Teachers, students and staff of the Raoul Wallenberg School in Ecuador dedicated a civic hour to honor Raoul Wallenberg on his 94th birthday.

First grade teacher Miss Nelly Arregui read the biography of Raoul Wallenberg to the students and Ms. Patricia Vecilla, Principal of the School, closed the assembly by adding, ”We honor the birth of Raoul Wallenberg with enthusiasm, since we had encouraged our children to respect and admire this corageous man.”

Students sang the song ”There is Hope” in honor to the Swedish diplomat and several bulletin boards prepared by the teachers, containing pictures and a timeline of Wallenberg’s life, were exhibited at the end of the assembly.

Inspired by the diplomat’s heroic deeds as an example of inter-religious dialogue, Ms. Vecilla changed the name of the school to honor Raoul Wallenberg about three years ago, ”It is important that we unite against all forms of discrimination or persecution, regardless of the moment, place or circumstances,” she explained.