January 22, 2013

L’ESPERIENZA DELLA SHOAH: un “Al di là del bene e del male”?

The Luigia Tincani Association and the Maria SS. Assunta Free University – LUMSA of Rome, have started a wide project aiming to keep alive and to popularize the memory of the Shoah, through the discussion of philosophical matters and in-depth analysis of historic facts.

In the Conference, organized with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation – Rome, the most relevant aspects and events in the history of the twentieth century will be discussed from historic, philosophical and sociological point of views.

In particular the discussion will be focused on the story of two diplomatic officials in Hungary which, during the Second World War, devoted their efforts to rescue from the Nazi violence as many people as they could, even putting at risk their own lives and careers and by acting beyond the limits of legality.

In a conference held in 2011, the stories of the Spanish Consul de Romero Adigale and of the Italian Consul Guelfo Zamboni were outlined, briefly describing their efforts in favour of the Jewish in Greece.

Knowledge of such events is extremely important nowadays both to keep alive the collective memory about the Shoah and to sensitize the young generations on such matters.

This “Memorial Day 2013” also aims to encourage people to perform concrete actions so that “never again” will be a real engagement and not a mere wish.

During the day an exhibit devoted to the “Founding Fathers” of the united Europe, will be shown, to remember of those people who, in front of the material devastations and the spiritual lacerations of the Second World War, understood the fundamental need to tear down the wall of hate which was raised between the European populations, thus starting a concrete project of collaboration that gave us a long age of freedom, union and peace.

Time schedule

Morning – from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm: workshop for students of secondary school

Afternoon – from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Conference