Letter from Greg McClelland, American researcher

Dear Mr. President Putin,

My name is Greg McClelland and I’m a researcher of the German resistance in the Third Reich. For over 12 years I have dedicated my life to preserving the history of those who lost their lives in the fight against Hitler. As an American, I have been fortunate to have always lived under the safety and security of a Democracy. Freedom and Human rights are God given rights of all human-beings, regardless of race, religion, or personal political beliefs. As a researcher of WW II and
the German resistance to the Third Reich, I have learned how precious freedom is and how easily it can be taken away at any moment. As you are aware, today there are dozens of countries around the world who still suffer under the oppresion of dictatorships. Your country used to be one of them. The Russian people know all too well this kind of pain and suffering and know what it feels like to have friends and family members
disappear never to be heard from again, where torture and murder were commonplace and tolerated by many.

Mr. President, I urge you out of your kindness and concern in this matter to investigate the unsolved mystery of the disappearance of Mr. Raoul Wallenberg. In a Democracy we have the right to know exactly what happened to this kind man who bravely risked his life to save tens of thousands of Jews and why it happened.

As the President of Russia and the highest authority of your country, I believe that you have a moral obligation to do something about this matter and urge you in the name of freedom and justice to find out exactly what happened to Raoul Wallenberg. We in the freedom loving world must never forget this injustice, nor should we hold any grudges against the Russian people for what the former Communist dictatorship
did to this innocent man who meant no harm to anyone. We will not rest untill justice has been served. Freedom means not only being free, but also having the right to know the truth no matter how terrible it may be.

I would like to conclude by wishing you and your people the very best which life has to offer. We must never forget those those who lost their lives to protect others who were persecuted under the overwhelming power of an evil dictatorship.

Long live peace, long live the cause of freedom!


Greg McClelland