June 23, 2015

Souza Dantas: speech at the UN in 1946

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The diplomat speaking in French is the Brazilian Ambassador Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas (1876-1954), head of the Brazilian delegation to the “Preparatory Committee for the United Nations”.

On January 14, 1946, date of this speech, he was the first to speak after James Francis Byrnes, once he was “the dean of the diplomatic corps world”.

Souza Dantas had a humanitarian action highlighted during World War II. Granted diplomatic visas (considered irregular by the Brazilian government) to refugees and persecuted of Nazism. Jews, homosexuals, communists and other potential nazi victims.

Because of these concessions, suffered administrative inquiry in Brazil. He was detained in Germany for 14 months between 1943 and 1944. By their actions Souza Dantas was recognized in 2003 by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem as a “Righteous Among the Nations.

Dr. Fabio Koifman


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Dr. Fabio Koifman is the author of “Quixote nas Trevas”, a biography of Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas