March 13, 2002

A foundation to honour the memory of John XXII was created


The concept of coexistence that came up in the ’50, in order to express the need of preparing the world for a solution to the ”Cold War”, has been replaced by the slogan ”living together” (convivenca) that expresses the wish not only to exist without being destroyed, but also the creation of a world of dialogue, as it was stated in Manhattan by the branch of a foundation to honour the memory of the deceased Pope John XXIII.

During the ’60 decade, the movement of understanding among the different confessions started in Argentina, prompted by Rabbi Guillermo Schlesinger, Priests Carlos Cuchetti and Ernesto Segura, who later became the representative of the Jewish Committee Maximo Yagupski, Pastor Sossa and others.

Almost 40 years ago, Baruch Tenembaum and Rabbi Schlesinger announced the idea to honour Pope John XXIII for his trajectory and openness ”towards a better world” with the concepts of ”living together” and dialogue.

More than a year ago, the Vatican Secretary Cardinal Angelo Sodano and the founder of the NGOs

”Interamerica -Interfaith” and the International Foundation Raoul Wallemberg, arrived in New York. They got together at the Embassy before the United Nations, the Nunciature, which is headed by Archbishop Renato Martino, at a meeting attended by Rabbis, community leaders, diplomats and intellectuals of the three Americas.

In that opportunity it was announced the creation of a special committee integrated by historians, theologians and experts in inter-confessional issues. This committee was to verify through the corresponding documents the attitude of Nuncio Angelo Roncalli during World War II.

The summary of the work and the surprising testimonies, backed by statements and writings of personalities like the Great Rabbi of Israel Herzog, the prominent shelita rabbis Arthur Herzberg, Eder Marcos, ambassadors, intellectuals including Hana Arendt, Salim Pelitaus, historians and researchers, surprised the most diverse members of the club of ”Enterprises of the Spirit”, seated in Jerusalem, New York and Buenos Aires.

In Rome, it will be announced the creation of the movement ”Reconciliation Nuncio

Roncalli (John XXIII)” that will include the International Foundation Reconciliation.

The members of the ”International Foundation Raoul Wallemberg” will be able to integrate this new centre that will honour the ”Good Pope”, for his unforgettable epic historical labour in Istanbul as a diplomat. This list includes other royal houses: King of Spain, Queen of England, Queen of Holland, Russia President Putin, Presidents of France, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Malta, Albany, Poland, Bulgaria Ecuador, more than 20 Prime Ministers from the five continents; Nobel Prize Awardees Elie Wiesel, Ramos Horta, David Trimble apart from 15 Nobel winners suggested by the founders of ”Reconciliation”, the King of Marrakesh, Islamic leaders, among others.

The proclamation of this project that makes justice in honouring Angelo Giusseppe Roncalli, will be done in accordance to the dates of audience at the Vatican , which will be announced simultaneously in New York, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and Rome