August 4, 2011

Wallenberg Foundation Publishes a Compilation of Interviews with Wallenberg Survivors to Celebrate his Birthday

Wallenberg was responsible for saving so many generations of people who now live all over the world,” said Ester Mejer of Borough Park, Brooklyn, who was only 13 when Raoul Wallenberg saved her from the hands of the Nazis. “It’s so important that people know about Wallenberg’s courage because persecution does not just happen to Jews. This is happening to other nations now, like Sudan, so we must continue the story of Wallenberg to spread the inspiration and courage to do something about it.”

For the past five years, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF) has been collecting stories such as Ester’s as part of its “Documenting Wallenberg: An Archival of Testimonials” initiative with this goal in mind.

Today, as the world celebrates what would have been the 99th birthday of this great hero, the IRWF releases a selection of these interviews on an E-book format with the hopes that their availability to libraries, archives, schools and the general public,
will inspire future generations to follow Raoul Wallenberg’s

humanitarian example.

“Documenting Wallenberg – A Compilation of Interviews
with Survivors Rescued by Raoul Wallenberg”
is available for download on our website.

The IRWF is indebted to the many Wallenberg Survivors who opened their homes and their hearts to share their inspirational stories with us. Their testimonies serve as a constant inspiration for our work and will ensure that the legacy and heroism of Raoul Wallenberg will never be forgotten.

As “Documenting Wallenberg” is an ongoing project, the IRWF welcomes new testimonies. If you or someone you know was rescued by Raoul Wallenberg or survived the Holocaust in Budapest please contact us at or 212-737-3275.

We kindly ask you to distribute this E-book to anyone interested in the subject.

To read the E-book please click here.