December 21, 2009

Wallenberg Foundation Opens Cultural Space

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, together with Casa Argentina en Israel – Tierra Santa, inaugurated a cultural space dedicated to the promotion of the values that inspired the actions of Raoul Wallenberg and other Rescuers of the Holocaust through artistic and cultural endeavors.

Located in the ground floor of the Foundation’s New York headquarters, the Cultural Space opened with the exhibit ”Heroes” by American artist Ann Froman. Her creations include ”Survival,” a piece that pays tribute to Wallenberg himself.

Future exhibits include sculptures by Wallenberg Survivors who draw from their experiences during the Holocaust to create their pieces, as well as works from the Foundation’s permanent collection such as Peter Malkin’s portrait ”Raoul Wallenberg.”

The Foundation is planning to supply the space with a media room where visitors will be able to experience the many oral history audiovisual interviews produced and collected by the organization through its initiative ”Documenting Wallenberg: An Archive of Testimonials.”

An archive, lectures, after school classes, screenings, and other weekly programs are some of the many ideas being considering for 2010.

The Foundation accepts donations of books, documents, and art to furnish the space.