January 8, 2015

E-Book: Two diplomats and people in need

The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation presents the e-book “Two Diplomats and People in Need” electronically edited in cooperation and with the authorization of the Brazilian Embassy in Stockholm.

Its authorship belongs to the renowned Brazilian scholar, Fabio Koifman, and to Jill Blonsky, member of the Wallenberg Foundation.

The two articles that comprised the volume depict the way diplomats Luiz Martins de Souza Dantas and Raoul Wallenberg, Brazilian and Swedish, respectively, helped save thousands of persecuted people in Europe, during Second World War.

The project started in 2013 when Ambassador Leda Lucia Camargo, then in charge of the Brazilian legation in Stockholm, decided to honor both diplomats.

The Wallenberg Foundation expresses its gratitude to Ambassador Camargo, to Alexsandra De Lucena Tingdal, head of the Cultural Department of the Brazilian Embassy in Sweden, to the authors and to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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