May 26, 2008

In tribute to a rescuer


A special ceremony will be held in Warsaw this summer dedicated to a recently located rescuer, and her family, of Jews who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto during WW II.

As recently reported on, after a painstaking search, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation has managed to locate the family of a Polish Catholic woman who protected 10 Jews who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto during WW II.

The foundation has now made contact with ten of her closest living relatives: her nephew – Roman (Romek) Slawinski and the latter’s son: Jacek. Stanislawa herself passed away 13 years ago.

Stanislawa (Stacha) Slawinska – pictured in photo with late husband Tadeusz – was a brave Polish Catholic. During the Holocaust, she sheltered at her own home 10 Jews who had managed to extricate themselves from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Stacha knew that by doing so, she risked her own life and that of her family, but she didn’t flinch. She was one of the thousands of heroic women and men across Europe, the Rescuers, who risked it all in order to save those persecuted by the Nazi monstrous machinery.

Warsaw has recently mourned one of the most prominent of these rescuers, Irena Sendler, who passed away two weeks ago at the grand old age of 98.

Following the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation’s efforts, one of the Jewish ladies who found refuge at Stacha’s home in 3 Maja Street, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, around 50 kilometers from Warsaw during the years of the war, Ms. Esfira Maiman, now 94 years old, has reestablished contact with Romek, thus fulfilling her dream.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation will pay tribute to Stacha’s life and that of her nephew Romek who was only a child during the Holocaust, but helped her aunt to keep her secret and ran errands for the Polish anti-Nazi underground movement.

The special ceremony taking place in Warsaw this summer will include educational programs to underscore the courageous legacy of both aunt and nephew. The exact date of the ceremony will be finalized soon. (photo: International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation).