January 17, 2017

Swedish Ambassador, Barbro Elm, pays tribute to Wallenberg

On January 17, 2017, the Swedish ambassador to Argentina, Barbro Elm, paid tribute to the memory of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of lives in Nazi-occupied Hungary.

In just six months and with the invaluable help of the staff of the Swedish delegation in Budapest, Wallenberg became one of the great heroes of the Second World War. On 17 January 1945 he was arrested, along with his driver, Vilmos Langfelder, by authorities of the Soviet army. Since then nothing is known of their whereabouts. A recent commentary by the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation published by the New York Times illustrates the case.

Ambassador Elm’s gesture coincided with the publication of an extensive column in the Jerusalem Post entitled “Our debt to Raoul Wallenberg”, signed by Eduardo Eurnekian, Baruch Tenembaum and Perla Graisman, president, founder and director of global development of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.

Despite repeated requests to the Russian government the authorities of that country deny cooperation to determine once and for all what happened with Wallenberg and Langfelder.