June 26, 2018

New House of Life to be proclaimed in Austria

On the 75th anniversary of the death of Karl Motesiczky the IRWF has resolved to proclaim his mansion in Hinterbruhl as a House of Life

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Karl Wolfgang Franz Count Motesiczky was a renowned Austrian psychoanalyst who resisted Nazism.

Count Motesiczky was born in 1904, from a wealthy and aristocratic family. During WWII, his huge mansion at Hinterbruhl saved a temporary shelter for Jews and members of the resistance, such as Dr. Kurt Lingens and his wife, Ella Lingens.

In October 1942, the Lingens couple and Count Motesiczky were apprehended by the Nazis. Kurt was drafted as a soldier and assigned to the Russian front, where he sustained serious injuries. Count Motesiczky and Dr. Ella Lingens were sent to Auschwitz. Motesickzy died of typhus while Lingens managed to survive the death march. Before that, as a physician, she saved many Jews in the camp.

In the wake of the war, the Hinterbruhl mansion became a SOS-Children’s villages. Back in 1961, his mother and sister deployed a memorial for Karl, which was destroyed in summer 2000 and defaced with swastikas. In 2007, a Stopelstein was placed in front of the building, in remembrance of Count Motesickzy.

Both Count Motesiczky and Dr. Ella Lingens have been officially recognized as Righteous among the Nations.

In a joint statement, Eduardo Eurnekian and Baruch Tenembaum, Chairman and Founder of the IRWF respectively, declared: “Count Motesiczky was one of the most prominent Austrian rescuers who paid the ultimate price in his quest to save others. He perished in Auschwitz on June 25, 1943, exactly 75 years ago. On this anniversary we are proud to proclaim that his residence will become a House of Life, and as such, will be a permanent memorial of his unique legacy”.

Karl Wolfgang Franz Count Motesiczky

Dr. Ella Lingens

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