July 5, 2009

IRWF honours Raoul Wallenberg in Tel Aviv

A special screening of the documentary film: ”The case of Raoul Wallenberg: Saviour and victim”, directed by Klaus Dexel, took place at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque, commemorating the 97th birthday of Raoul Wallenberg

Among the attendants were Mr. Danny Rainer and Ms. Viviane Epstein of the IRWF. Mr. Larry Pfeffer of the Jerusalem Working Group, Mr. Benjamin Escaig, First Secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv, Ms. Noemi Gur (Holocaust survivor who was saved by Raoul Wallenberg) and her husband, Mr. David Gur, a former member of the Zionist Youth Movement in Hungary, who fought against the Nazis and their collaborators and was active in the rescue of fellow Jews.

Mr. Rainer acted as master of ceremonies and made a brief speech, underscoring the life of Raoul Wallenberg and the activities of the IRWF.

Mr. Escaig greeted to audience and stressed the importance of passing on the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg. Ms. Noemi Gur gave a first hand account of her brief encounter with Raoul Wallenberg and how he saved her from certain death, while Mr. Pfeffer underscored the mission of Raoul Wallenberg and the fact that many Jews had made his mission possible.