October 13, 2009

Heart of stone, heart of flesh

In E-book format and in You Tube

Casa Argentina en Israel-Tierra Santa and the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation are proud to present in the form of an E-Book the play ”Heart of stone, heart of flesh”, written by the playwright and educator, Mr. Eli Yossef.

Eli Yossef has a vast experience in the field of high-school education, with a special focus on Judaism and humanism.

”Heart of stone, heart of flesh” recreates the awe-inspiring story of RaoulWallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved scores of Hungarian Jews from the Nazi extermination. Wallenberg, a figure of Biblical proportions ended-up abducted by the Soviet forces that liberated Budapest, never to be seen again.

Yossef’s moving play was specially created as an educational tool, played by young actors for the sake of a young audience. So far, this play performed three times in the Jerusalem Theatre and nine times in France (in its French version). Among the attendees were Guy von Dardel (the recently deceased brother of Raoul Wallenberg), other members of the Wallenberg family, as well as the Swedish diplomat and personal Wallenberg’s aid, Mr. Per Anger. Eli Yossef has also written two other plays: ”Menachem” (about the life of the former Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin) and ”The Act”, a story about the ”two Eliahu’s” which made him recipient of the prestigious ”Yair” award. The present edition is in the original Hebrew (for the sake of our Hebrew readers).

We are now working on further editions in other major languages (English, Spanish, French).

We are also editing a video version of the play with subtitles into the major languages and are now embarking in production efforts to have this play up and running again in the major capitals of the world.

Watch a passage of the play in Hebrew with comments in French in You Tube: