Ceremony of honoring Mr. Khaled Abdul-Wahab took place in Washington

Mordecai Paldiel represented the IRWF at a ceremony honoring Mr. Khaled Abdul-Wahab for saving the lives of 24 Jews in Tunisia during the Holocaust.

”Abdul-Wahab’s case is unique, since he is an Arab rescuer, and no Arab rescuer has been honored yet.” said Paldiel. ”Abdul-Wahab hid two families in his farm for four months in 1943.”

The ceremony took place at the Garden of the Righteous at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C.Abdul Wahab’s daughter, Faiza came from France. ”My father didn’t talk much about those times,” she said. ”He was a true humanitarian, and therefore it does not surprise me that he did this.”

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, whose mother was rescued attended, as well as the Ambassador of Tunisia, Mohamed Nejib Hachana. Ambassador Hachana spoke on the uniqueness of Tunisia and the great value of this recognition. ”This is proof that Arabs and Jews can not only live together, but help each other.”