November 9, 2010

Ben Olander’s Special Performance Dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg in New York, Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

Cordially invites you to

A special performance dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg
by renowned Swedish folk musician,

Ben Olander.

Join us in celebrating the life of Raoul Wallenberg
through inspiring ballads and stories which convey his heroic legacy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
6.00 pm

Church of Sweden
(Svenska kyrkan)
5 East 48th Street
New York

About Ben Olander:

Ben Olander is one of modern Sweden’s foremost balladeers. His music is played frequently on Radio Sweden’s P4 (a countrywide group of 25 local stations). Ben works closely with Janne Bark and Mats ”MP” Persson, known for their collaboration with two of Sweden’s best-known musical artists, Ulf Lundell and Per Gessle.

Aside from his musical talent, Ben is also a captivating storyteller. In his despair regarding the increasing victimization, immigrant hostility and denial of the Holocaust, Ben has put together a powerful show with which he tours around Sweden and the USA. With song, music, beautiful image slides, and pathos filled storytelling he enters the show to fight against evil, with Raoul Wallenbergs deed as the starting point.

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