November 28, 2019

A bust of Raoul Wallenberg was placed in Italy at the Airport of Florence

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Photo by Giuseppe Cabras/New Press Photo

The unveiling of the bust was made on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, at Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci Airport.

The bust was commissioned by the IRWF and was created by Dr. Peter Bulow, an American acclaimed sculptor and psychiatrist. The bronze pedestal was designed by the architect David Perri.

The ceremony was presided by the Chairman of the IRWF, Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian, the Mayor of Florence, Mr. Dario Nardella, the President of the Toscana Airport and Honorary Consul of Israel in Tuscany, Mr. Marco Carrai, the Prefect of Florence, Ms. Laura Lega and the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Mr. Eugenio Galli. Among the audience were members of the local Jewish community and other distinguished religious and community leaders of Tuscany.

Similar busts of Raoul Wallenberg, by sculptors Geronimo Villalba and Beñat Iglesias Lopez. are also displayed at the Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport and the Punta del Este airport respectively.

In his speech, Mr. Eurnekian thanked his friend Baruch Tenembaum, Founder of the IRWF and underscored the symbolism of such a bust at the airport of Florence, where “so many Houses of Life” were operated by the Florentine Network headed by Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa.

Mr. Carrai stated that “it is a great honor to promote the values of the heroic feats of Raoul Wallenberg, adding that the bust will be seen by 3 million passengers a year”.


Raoul Wallenberg Bust at Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza

Photo by IRWF

Raoul Wallenberg Bust at Punta del Este Airport

Photo by IRWF