Guy Sorman remembered the victims of the Holocaust


The French intellectual Guy Sorman visited at the metropolitan Cathedral, the only memorial in the world dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust erected within a Christian temple.

The initiative was in charge of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, whose authorities Natalio Wengrower, Malkiel Tenembaum and Nicholas Tozer explained the visitor – before his meeting with president Fernando de la Rúa – the meaning of that unprecedented piece of art in the history of Jewish – Christian relations. It is the commemorative mural remembering the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust and those killed by the bombings of the Embassy of Israel – 1992 – and the AMIA – 1994- in Buenos Aires.

The mural was inaugurated on April 14 1997, by who was at that moment the Cardinal of Argentina, Monsignor Antonio Quarracino. It is 1,80 Mts. long by 1,20 Mts. wide, and it is composed of two glass panels between which are placed sheets of prayer books rescued from the ruins of the concentration camps of Treblinka and Auschwitz, as well as the Warsaw ghetto.