Guy Sorman visited the memorial of the victims of the Holocaust in the Buenos Aires Cathedral

The French intellectual Guy Sorman visited at the metropolitan Cathedral, the only memorial in the world dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust erected within a Christian temple.

The initiative was in charge of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, whose authorities Natalio Wengrower, Malkiel Tenembaum and Nicholas Tozer explained the visitor the meaning of that unprecedented piece of art in the history of Jewish – Christian relations, the commemorative mural remembering the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust and those killed by the bombings of the Embassy of Israel – 1992 – and the AMIA – 1994- in Buenos Aires.

‘Not even when France suffered one of the worst anti-Semite attacks in its history, the arson of one of the most important synagogues in Paris, which took the lives of several people, a Bishop had the courage of thinking of tribute of these characteristics. What Cardinal Quarracino and the Wallenberg Foundation did is worth of admiration and worldwide promotion. The symbolic strength of this memorial within the main Christian temple is of a hard to explain magnitude. Now I understand the reason why Cardinal Quarracino asked to be buried next to this memorial’, pointed out Sorman, who was clearly overcome with emotion.