Sebastián Romero Radigales Honored on Postage Stamp

The Wallenberg Foundation paid tribute to the Spanish diplomat rescuer Sebastián de Romero Radigales with a postage stamp issued by the Israel Postal Company.
Romero Radigales arrived to Athens in the mid-April of 1943 as the new Consul General of Spain. Since his arrival to the Greek capital, Romero Radigales put every effort in defending the Sephardic Jews – over 800 persons between the communities of Athens and Salonica. As Sanz-Briz and others had done, Romero Radigales proclaimed a decree that offered Spanish nationality to the Sephardic Jews without any specific requirements.
In 2004, the IRWF Buenos Aires honored eight Spanish diplomat rescuers in an event organized at the Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires.