Pablo A. Freinkel

Pablo A. Freinkel was born in 1957, in Bahia Blanca (Argentina).

He is Bachelor of Biochemistry.

Journalist and writer. He has published ”Bahiense Biographic Dictionary” (1994) and ”Metaphisics and Holocaust” (2000).

He participated in the Encounters ”Recreating the Jewish Culture”, organizated by AMIA (2001, 2003, 2005), which papers were published in the respectives compilations. He got the Second Prize in the Contest of Essays AMIA 2004 on ”What is the meaning about being jewish today”, edited by Mila.

He collaborates with the newspaper ”Mundo Israelita” and ”Nuestra Memoria”, the review of the Buenos Aires Shoah Foundation. Besides, he is the co-leader of the radio programme ”Kol Hashalom” (”The voice of the peace”).