Kofi Annan received Baruch Tenembaum

(New York) The General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan congratulated the International Raoul Wallenberg Committee for the efficiency of its job and its uninterrupted work after peace among the people and the countries. This was said by the high world mandatory to the Institution’s founder, Baruch Tenembaum.

Tenembaum, an Argentinean born in the Jewish colony called Las Palmeras, situated a hundred and eighty kilometers north from Santa Fe City, was present at the meeting held in the United Nations offices in New York, to report Kofi Annan about the International Raoul Wallenberg Committee’s work done in Argentina for more than a year.

With an unusual gesture, in less than six months, Annan received the Argentine organization for the second time in his office on the 38th floor of the Manhattan building. This meeting was correlative to the one held in Buenos Aires on July where another organization’s directors were present. At that time Annan spent more than forty minutes in an exceptionally long session, emphasizing the importance he confers to the first Southern hemisphere organization dedicated to promote Wallenberg’s heroic deeds, one of the most controversial cases of the century that is still nowadays an impenetrable mystery almost ten years after the Soviet Regime’s fall.

Once the meeting ended, Tenembaum said that ”after inaugurating the monuments dedicated to Wallenberg in Buenos Aires and New York, we follow our business in Gaza, Vatican City and another countries. The birth of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, the institution of a humanitarian prize a year that takes the Swedish diplomat’s name and the next show at the UNESCO that it’s dedicated to the figure of this real ‘hero without grave’ are steps of the project praised by Annan.”

According to what acquaintances say, Kofi Annan’s enthusiasm about Wallenberg Committee’s behaviour is due to its development in an organization’s framework such as the Argentine House in Jerusalem, a non governmental institution. This is something that the General Secretary of the United Nations appreciates very specially.