Members of the Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli International Comitee

  • Mr. Baruch Tenembaum
    Founder of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. USA.
  • Dr. Natalio Wengrower
    International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Former President of the Argentine Israeli Cultural Institute (1967-1992). Honorary member of Israeli-Iberoamerican Institute in Jerusalem. Argentina.
  • Rabbi Mario E. Ablin
    International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Israel.
  • Dr. Marcos Aguinis
    Writer. Argentina.
  • Giuseppe Alberigo
    Foundation John XXIII, Istituto per le Scienze Religiose. Italy.
  • Dr. Mordechai Arbell
    International head of Sephardic institutions. Historian and Researcher. Author of many publications. Former Council of Israel in Istanbul. Israel.
  • Sir Frederick Ballantyne
    Governor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Mrs. Victoria Barret
    Writer and producer. Australia.
  • Dr. Graciela Ben Dror
    Lecturer, University of Haifa. Israel.
  • Dr. Michael Berenbaum
    Doctor andProfessor of Theology and Holocaust Studies. USA.
  • Günter Blobel
    Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, USA
  • Msgr. Loris Capovilla
    Former Secretary of Msgr. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.
  • Professor André Chouraqui
    Historian, translator into French of the three sacred books of the main monotheistic religions; the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran. Israel.
  • Stanley Cohen
    Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, USA
  • Mr. John Crisóstomo
    International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, USA.
  • Engineer Moshe Dayan
    Former Ambassador of Israel. Israel
  • Professor Alberto De-Vitas
    Historian. Fairfield University. EE.UU.
  • Monsignor Ruben Di Monte
    Bishop of Mercedes-Luján. Argentina.
  • Ambassador David Efrati
    Former Director of Relations with the Churches of the Israel State Department. Israel.
  • Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz
    Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding. USA.
  • Bishop Serafim Ferreira Da Silva
    Bishop of Fatima, Portugal
  • Mr. Jack Fuchs
    Holocaust survivor. Argentina.
  • Judge Meyer Gabay
    President of the Inter-religious Coordinating Committee of Israel. Israel.
  • Mrs. María Nicoletta Gaida
    Centro Dionysia per le Arti e le Culture. Italy.
  • Mr. Max Grunberg
    Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen Committee. Israel.
  • Ambassador Israel Gur Arie
    Former Israeli Ambassador. Israel.
  • Ambassador Samuel Hadas
    First Ambassador of Israel to Spain and the Vatican. Israel.
  • Dr. Abraham Haim
    President of the Interfaith Israeli Association. Israel
  • Rabbi Arthur Herzberg
    Rabbi Emeritus, Professor of the Humanities, New York University, past president of the American Jewish Congress. New Jersey, USA.
  • Norbert Hofmann
    Secretary of the Comission for Religious Relations with the Jews. Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Vatican City.
  • Cardinal Walter Kasper
    President of the Comission for Religious Relations with the Jews. Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Vatican City.
  • Professor David Kranzler
    Historian. Author of the book ”The man who stopped the trains to Auschwitz”. USA.
  • Professor Jaim Krejner
    President of Interfaith International. Israel.
  • Rabbi Norman Lamm
    President of the Yeshiva University. USA.
  • Rev. Vincent A. Lapomarda
    College of the Holy Cross Worcester, Massachusetts . USA.
  • Professor Moshé Lazar
    Eminent scientist and Professor, Israel.
  • Monsignor Renato Martino
    President of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice at Vatican City.
  • Professor Alberto Melloni
    Foundation John XXIII, Istituto per le scienze religiose. Italy.
  • Rabbi Simón Moguilevsky
    President of the Jewsih Congregation of the Argentine Republic. Argentina.
  • Father Horacio Moreno
    President of Casa Argentina in Israel Holy Land. Argentina.
  • Ambassador Eliezer Palmor
    Former Ambassador of Israel to the UNESCO. Israel.
  • Prof. Dinah Porat
    University of Tel Aviv. Israel.
  • Dr. Adolfo Roitman
    Curator of the Shrine of the book at the Israel Museum. Israel.
  • Mr. Marco Roncalli
    Writer and journalist. Nephew of Angelo Roncalli. Italy.
  • Professor Shalom Rosenberg
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Israel.
  • Dr. Mario Javier Saban
    Writer. Argentina.
  • Amb. José Sanchis Muñoz
    Director of the Foreign Affairs Service Institute (ISEN)
  • Professor Adolfo Sclarovsky
    Archeologist. Argentina.
  • Professor Stanford Shaw
    Professor Emeritus of Turkish and Jewish-Turkish History, University of California, Los Angeles; Professor of Modern Turkish History, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • William F. Sharpe
    Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, USA
  • Dr. Yoav Tenembaum
    Historian and political analyst. Israel.
  • Mr. Nicholas Tozer
    Journalist and researcher, United Kingdom.
  • Eng. Oscar Vicente
    CEO Perez Companc. Argentina.
  • Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo
    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1996. East Timor.