September 24, 2019


15 September 2019 – The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF) has proclaimed the Bristol Hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina as a new House of Life, in recognition of the life-saving feats of his owner, Mr. Ezio Giorgetti and the Marshall of the Carabinieri, Oscar Osman Carugno who jointly saved a group of Jews who fled from Zagreb to Italy during the Holocaust. Both men have been recognized as Righteous among the Nations.

The ceremony took place at the Bristol Hotel with the attendance of a pack audience, including Giuliano and Mariafrancesca Vasini, nephew and niece of Ezio Giorgetti, Giovanna and Maria Teresa Giorgetti, daughters of the aforementioned rescuer, Francesca Comitangela, niece of Marshall Carugno, Filippo Giorgetti, Mayor of Bellaria, Pietro Kuciucian, honorary consul of Armenia in Milan and Vice-President of GARIWO, Silvia Costantini, Vice-President of the IRWF and Elena Colitto Castelli, head of the Houses of Life program in Italy.

The moderator of the ceremony was the journalist Emilio Drudi, author of the book “The Jews saved by the first Righteous among the Nations”.

Seventy six years ago, a group of 30 Jews from Zagreb, who were interned in Asolo, arrived in Bellaria to flee racial persecution.

Giorgetti had welcome them at his hotel (then name Savoy), amidst a great sense of generosity and disregard for the danger, despite the fact the German soldiers were posted a few yards away from his hotel.

The original group of Jews, led by Ziga Neumann, was joined by two other families thanks to the help given by Marshal Carugno.

Since the Nazis were close by, the Jews had to undergo several risky transfers, always aided by Giorgetti and Carugno, who even provided forged documentation to the group.

Local villagers were also very helpful in this rescue effort.

Placa de Casa de Vida

The plaque at Bristol Hotel

A group of attendants, next to the plaque

From left to right, Francesca Comitangelo, Giovanna Giorgetti, Emilio Drusi and Maria Teresa Giorgetti.

The Giorgetti’s unveiling the plaque.

Silvia Constantini and Elena Colitto