The students´ comments

” I think the existence of associations like this is highly important . It´s all about a message of peace throughout all the violence in which we live in. If each of us contributes a little bit on spreading messages of this kind, the world would certainly be much better.” (Soledad Sicoit)

”I think that the Wallenberg´s action is memorable; I was eager to know his history. I fully agree with this organization´s goal because I think that morality is something extremely important and vital for a good living, nevertheless, it does not become real very often. ” (Paula Riganti)

”The existence of this kind of foundations is highly important, not only for assisting but also for not forgetting what happened in the past. Between being solitary and sympathetic, I decide to be sympathetic.” (Santiago Arnaud)

”Promoting ethical ideals of this kind is really positive, it is a step forward as regards education and social well-being.” (Gaston de Rochebouet)

”The work you do is very interesting and very productive in such an individualist world. Little by little, you will develop a better ethic, and perhaps, you might help to prevent disasters.” (Mariana Esnaola)

”The existence of an organization of this kind is fabulous, which tries to contribute a little bit on the society to make people become conscious; since there are too many people on the evil side.” (Josefina Zbar)

”Both the foundation´s role and its goals are very interesting, but- Don´t you think it is too hard to change people´s minds and ideas once already fixed?” (Marina Ramón)

”The Foundation´s work, trying to change unfair attitudes and setting an example of values to follow, is very important. You have to keep on spreading the message.” (Juan Cruz González Agtseribbe)

” It is true that values are being forgotten, values which are very important for life itself, not only in this country but everywhere. Thanks for your time.” (Valeria González)

”This talk is interesting because it helps us out from our problems by showing us other things of life which are important as the sympathy towards our brother. ” (Noelia Vanesa Goró Amarillo)

” It feels good to know that there are people in the world who still care about good values and try to make them reach everybody´s life.” (Estefanía Quaglia Gareca)

”The idea of giving talks in schools is excellent; I think it is a way of improving Argentina´s life quality.” (Yesica Scarturro)