Program launch: Project 3 Private Secondary School

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation inaugurated its educational program ”Wallenberg at School”, an initiative with the aim of preserving individual freedoms by taking as role models the actions of solidarity of thousands of savior during the Second World War.

Under Jean Pierre Bendahan‘s coordination, who is a volunteer of the IRWF, and based on a Natalio Wengrower‘s idea, who is the vice-president of the institution, the first presentation at the Secondary School ”Project Three” took place in the town of Nuñez. With the presence of a large crowd of students who actively participated, the guest for the occasion, the journalist Nicholas Tozer, told Wallenberg’s story and those of many other cases of diplomatic saviors in the Second World War.

The students joined the lecture with questions encouraged from the educational material they were provided with.

The initiative counted with the support of the principal of the institution, Francisco D’Agostino (photograph), who warmly welcomed the delegates of the Wallenberg Foundation and attended the lecture attentively.

The inauguration of the program was successful, given the results of active and interested participation of the students to a case that moves essential human values.

Project 3 Private Secondary School
Arias 1640 (C1429DWB) Buenos Aires
Tel.: 4703-3502 / 4038