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The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation completed the second presentation of its educational program ”Wallenberg at School”.

Under Jean Pierre Bendahan‘s coordination, a volunteer of the IRWF, and based on a Natalio Wengrower‘s idea, who is the vice-president of the institution, took place a new presentation of the Educational Center ”Nuevo Horizonte” in the town of Constitución. With the presence of a large crowd of students who actively participated of the debate which followed the lecture, the special guest of the occasion, the journalist Nicholas Tozer, told the stories of many other cases such as Wallenberg’s. In particular, he stressed the story of the hero of the Polish underground Jan Karski, who was the first eyewitness to offer testimony to the allied forces about the Holocaust.

During 80 minutes the students’ most common questions were: ”How can we apply Wallenberg’s example to our reality?” ”Is it really possible to change reality by actively participating to modify its injustices?” The initiative counted with the support of the principal of the institution, Beatriz Montes de Oca (photograph), who will prepare a poll so that students participate and give their opinions and suggestions in order to improve the program.

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