September 25, 2006

Wallenberg Foundation receives accolade in Buenos Aires

On September 23rd, 2006, the ”Biblioteca Popular Madre Teresa” (Mother Teresa Popular Library) presented the IRWF the ”National Award Mother Teresa”, for its efforts aiming at ”building up bonds of friendship, justice and memory among peoples, in the search of the truth and the importance of dignity of human being, as well as for developing and spreading educational projects, promoting solidarity and citizen courage values, like the Holocaust Saviors did”.

”We are moved by the activities organized by IRWF which reflect Raoul Wallenberg as a true role model who made a reality the words of Mother Teresa of Calcuta: ” We should give and make good till it hurts”, said Eduardo Raul Burattini, Chairman of the library.

On behalf of the Wallenberg Foundation Silvia Stisman and Rodrigo Rendo, coordinators of the educational project ”Wallenberg at School”, received the award, a statuette made by artist Marta Grimaldi. ”We spread among our readers many articles and reports published on the IRWF website”, said Ana Colombro, General Secretary of the library.

Translation: Graciela Forman