Raoul Wallenberg in the Classroom

At the Birchwood School in Cleveland, Ohio, seventh grader Chloe Pruitt and her schoolmate Henna created a documentary on Raoul Wallenberg ”Passports to Freedom: Raoul Wallenberg’s Courageous Stand for the Jews of Budapest” as a part of the annual National History Day contest following this year’s theme, ”Taking a Stand in History.”

Caroline Tubbs, teacher of Advanced Placement English Literature at Carthage High School in Carthage, Missouri, gave her students a project in order for them to gain an understanding of the worldwide impact of the Holocaust. For the project students Sara Stone and Samantha Pauley developed a website on Raoul Wallenberg. Stone said that through the project, she learned that it is important to not forget the Holocaust, though some may want to, otherwise history may repeat itself.

Raoul Wallenberg’s legacy and dedication to saving Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis is the core of the Wallenberg Foundation’s educational program which seeks to promote understanding of human dignity, liberty, justice and equality.